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  1. the444shooter

    WTS Uppers--BRN-180 Gen2, PWS Mod2, Aero M5E1

    BRN-180 Gen 2 16" .223 Wylde Upper Unfired by me, only installed to test fit. $750 Money Order OBO **SPF** PWS Mk116 Mod 2-M 16" Piston Upper Unfired by me, only installed to test fit. $1000 Money Order OBO Aero M5E1 18" Stainless Fluted .308 Upper Receiver. No BCG/CH included Aero M5E1...
  2. the444shooter

    WTS Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor

    Putting up my Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor. Started life as a Ridge, but I upgraded it to an HMR stock. So now it's an HMR with a longer #5 profile barrel than you'd find on factory HMRs (currently 22" #6 profiles) It was also upgraded with a Premier bolt. Rifle has approximately 100-150rds through...
  3. the444shooter

    7mm PRC?

    Do you think Hornady could pull of a short action 7mm PRC like they did with the 6.5PRC? The 7 SAUM is a beast, but hampered by no factory support by its parent company, Remington. Even in normal markets, 7 SAUM appears to suffer from availability, but 6.5 PRC was available, for the most part...
  4. the444shooter

    HNT-26 chassis on my .308, I’m in love

    I always like to play around with the “3-0-waitforit” and wanted a really unique, lightweight chassis setup. So, I got an HNT-26 chassis from Brownells and put my .308 barreled action in it. Barreled action is a Rem 700 AAC-SD with a 24” PROOF Sendero Light 1:10 and Triggertech trigger. I...
  5. the444shooter

    Sometimes it all works out. New-to-me Bergara Mountain 2.0 6.5PRC

    Got a good deal on a Mountain 2.0 after getting rid of my 270WSM. I still struggle with letting that one go, since it was a tack driver, but I know it's in good hands w/ a fellow member. I went out to sight the Bergara in and group it at 300yds. This ended up being the smallest 300yd group...
  6. the444shooter

    Sold Kimber Hunter Pro Desolve Blak (yes, actual spelling, not illiterate) 6.5cm

    This is a humbling gun. I'm absolutely in love with how trim and handy it is, but it absolutely shines the spotlight on my shooting form. Like many have said about shooting these lightweight guns, if form isn't perfect, it magnifies the errors. I can hold MOA or sub MOA when I'm shooting from...
  7. the444shooter

    WTS Custom Winchester 270 WSM

    Gun started out as a Winchester Extreme Weather 300 WSM. I had a Shilen .277 1:10tw #2 profile barrel chambered in .270WSM spun on. It's Cerakoted tungsten, threaded, and finished at 25". Rifle is bedded, and also has a Timney trigger. Slight rash on trigger guard as seen in pics. Scope not...
  8. the444shooter

    Sold 300 SAUM Ammo

    300 RSAUM ammo for sale. 5 boxes full/partials as listed: 2 full boxes of Nosler Trophy Grade 180gr Partitions, and one partial box with 9 rounds. (49rds total) 1 full box of Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr ELD-X and one partial box with 13rds. (33rds total) $250 shipped for all of it.
  9. the444shooter

    Sold HS Precision Model 7 Stock

    Action sold, so now stock is getting listed. Black HS Precision stock for Remington Model 7. Barrel channel has been opened up to accommodate a magnum profile barrel from a WSM/SAUM configuration. $350 Shipped OBO.
  10. the444shooter

    Sold Gunsmith Special REM Model 7 300 RSAUM

    I bought this sight-unseen, and while it showed up a little rougher than I would've liked, it was workable if it shot well. But I cannot get it to group, and I have neither the money or the inclination to pursue it further. So, I'm selling it here, as a project and sum of its parts. I took a...
  11. the444shooter

    WTS Vortex PST Gen2 3-15x44 EBR-4 MOA SFPN

    NIB, never mounted, PST Gen2 3-15x44 EBR-4 MOA Second Focal Plane. $700 OBO, Paypal or Money Order. Disregard the "N" at the end of SFPN, I fat-fingered, and don't know how to change the title.
  12. the444shooter

    WTS Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor

    Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor that started off as a Ridge, but put into an HMR stock. Has the #5 contour 24" barrel instead of the 22" #6 contour that the HMR currently sports. Personally, I like(d) this configuration more, as I still have a meaty barrel, but 24" to maximize velocity. Shoots great, like...
  13. the444shooter

    Yes, Kimber roulette is real *Update*

    Even though I know their rifles are hit or miss, I saw an 84 Hunter Pro desolve blak, held it, and had to have it. Impulse buy of the month right there. The gun is amazingly light, the trigger is good, and cycling the action was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, I have to force the shells...
  14. the444shooter

    Sold Tikka T3X Superlite 6.5cm Strata Camo NIB

    Thinning the herd some more. ANIB, unfired, Tikka T3X Superlite in 6.5 Creedmoor. Includes Leupold Backcountry cross-slot base. $900 shipped to your FFL. Discreet PayPal or Money Order. Always happy to provide feedback references since I'm new on this site.
  15. the444shooter

    WTS Christensen Mesa 6.5 PRC

    Got rid of the Ruger 6.5 PRC and then found a load that my 270WSM likes, so I'm exiting my current PRC platforms (for now.) This gun is about 1 month old, and has been at the range twice. Shoots phenomenally with Factory 143 ELD-X. Does not come with bases, rings, scope or stock pack. It will...
  16. the444shooter

    WTS Grayboe Ridgeback w/ Grayboe M5 Bottom Metal

    Short Action Grayboe Ridgeback in Woodland Camo with Grayboe AICS bottom metal. Small scuffs from limited range use--happy to send specific pics via text. $650 Shipped (basically getting the bottom metal for free, checking on pricing from Red Hawk) Discreet PayPal F&F or Money Order
  17. the444shooter

    Sold Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Hunter 6.5PRC

    Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Hunter in 6.5 PRC. Selling because I have a Christensen Mesa that I prefer. Only 20rds through it to sight it in, and got this group w/ factory 143gr Precision Hunters. I had 2 shots within about .3, then shanked the 3rd shot (shown low left) took a minute to gather...