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  1. 6mm Remington

    .243 deer bullet choice

    GBM: Good Bullets Matter
  2. 6mm Remington

    .243 deer bullet choice

    My son and I have taken a lot of game with the 6mm Remington to include elk. I know, good shot placement and good bullet equals dead elk. The 6mm is a fantastic antelope and deer cartridge. I would feel comfortable with any of the bullets I list below. 95 or 100 gr. Nosler Partition 90 gr...
  3. 6mm Remington

    Scope suggestions for .300wmag

    Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x40mm with the B&C reticle. Great scope. Leupold VX3 6x42mm fixed power with the LR dots. Zeiss Conquest
  4. 6mm Remington

    Small Hunting / House / Mountain Dog

    Toller: Sorry can't help sending a pic of this sweet dog.....again.
  5. 6mm Remington

    Small Hunting / House / Mountain Dog

    Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: Toller for short. Our female Hazel weighed about 40 pounds. Beautiful dog and very friendly and liked to please. Very smart. Obvious by the name she loved to hunt ducks and other waterfowl. She also loved to hunt pheasant and other upland birds. She...
  6. 6mm Remington

    Wife doesn't like elk

    Try this and if it doesn't work, I will be shocked. Elk Steaks Cast Iron skillet with butter and virgin olive oil to cook the steaks in when you are ready to cook. Medium high heat. Mix 4 or 5 eggs in a glass or plastic bowl, not metal. Add some milk to the eggs and stir it up. Put your...
  7. 6mm Remington

    35" offroad tire question

    Cooper AT3 XLT have been great tires on my Ford F150. Quiet on the highway and pretty good traction in most conditions. They have excellent sidewall protection. Cooper ST Maxx. I switched to these a couple years ago as I wanted a bit more aggressive tread. They are a little bit noisier...
  8. 6mm Remington

    Help deciding a new build cartridge

    6.5-280AI. Peterson's makes some great 280AI brass. Simple to neck down!
  9. 6mm Remington

    7mm-08 accubond option

    Get plugged into their site and set it so you get notifications when they have some for sale.
  10. 6mm Remington

    First mule deer buck

    Darn nice deer! Nice chocolate horns. A shoulder mount or European would sure look nice in the home to remind you of this wonderful hunt and beautiful creature!
  11. 6mm Remington

    7mm 120 grain Nosler Solid Base Spitzers

    I used the Nosler solid-base boat-tails in my 30-06 (165 gr.), 280 Remington (140 gr.), 6mm Remington (100 gr.). I found the solid-base coattails held together nicely, penetrated well, and shot excellently in each of these rifles. I think they will perform nicely in your 7mm-08. I shot deer...
  12. 6mm Remington

    We have officially come full circle!

    Your 300 WM will work perfectly on antelope for you. Confidence in your rifle is what's most important. I like your thinking.
  13. 6mm Remington

    Pick my 7mm Rem Mag

    From your list I'd go with the Tikka. Bergara might be an option to think about also.
  14. 6mm Remington

    Got my 1st goat

    Antelope is tops for great eating. Elk is right there as well.
  15. 6mm Remington

    6.5 creed vs 30-06

    30-06 with a 165 gr. Nosler Accubond or Partition.
  16. 6mm Remington

    7WSM Deer Bullet

    Great bullet those Accubonds. H4831 is what my father used in his 7mm Mag and all he ever used. It's a great powder and the H4831SC just makes it even better with getting more powder in a case.
  17. 6mm Remington

    What kind of skinning knife do you use and why?

    I used a Benchmade mini-Barrage on my grizzly bear hunt in Alaska in 2019. I had a Ruana 5AD made for my guide as part of his tip. He loved the knife and that's what he used on the bear also. Attached is a Ruana 5AD which is mine. I love the knife and the size. It's not too big nor too...
  18. 6mm Remington

    7WSM Deer Bullet

    Any of these would work for you and work very well at that! Nosler: 140 gr: Accubond - Partition - E-tip 150 gr: Accubond - Partition - E-tip 160 gr: Accubond - Partition I have a custom 280 Ackley Improved that I used on my grizzly bear hunt in Alaska in 2019. I had complete confidence...
  19. 6mm Remington

    Versatile hunting dog?

    Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Quail in hand. Duck She weighs 40 pounds and is a great dog and family pet besides a hunter. She flushes upland birds such as quail, grouse, and pheasants and hence the name she also hunts ducks and geese. Hazel is really smart and has a great...
  20. 6mm Remington

    Stock Model 70 Updates/Grades

    I think I might be inclined to get a nice Bell & Carlson synthetic stock with the aluminum bedding block in the stock just to make it more consistent in groups and bring out the best potential of the rifle. I really like my wood stocks and Boyds makes some great laminate stocks and you can get...