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  1. tttoadman


    Its 85 deg every @#$%^&* day in FL. I really miss my OR mountains more than I thought I would. Need to hurry up and make enough money to retire so I can get the hell out of here. Thanks for the pics everyone. Goes nicely with my live cam of Stanley ID that sits on my desktop.
  2. tttoadman

    What is “backcountry” to you?

    Backcountry is when a couple guys on horses stop and say "wow, you're back here a ways.". I hunt nothing but wilderness, but some of my favorite OR wilderness you can still see and hear the big rigs climbing the mountain pass in the distance. Love the adventure part of it, even if the pack out...
  3. tttoadman

    FNG from Willamette valley, OR

    welcome. There is great information here. I lived in the Valley my entire life until almost a year ago due to job opportunity. I learned from the rokslide community that the biggest thing is to do some research and get out there. There are many great opportunities in OR if you want to put the...
  4. tttoadman

    Cooler vs Chest Freezer - Mobile Hunt

    chest freezer fan. We had a bull on ice for almost 2 weeks in sept. It takes away thr stress. We fired up the generator for a couple hrs every 2-3 days.
  5. tttoadman

    Female Dog Names

    My wife says you can have her cats name... "Trixi Sparkle Jugs"
  6. tttoadman

    Female Dog Names

    My Beagles: "Lucy" in the sky with diamonds "Penny" Lane Ms Katie "Scarlett"
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    What “luxury” items do you carry on your back?

    The only item on your list I ever take to the woods is a mini tripod. I love my mini tripod and don't leave without it. Even if I dont use it a lot, I keep it on board for photo shots because I am solo most of the time. A chair is nice because it also serves as a drying rack at night. I have...
  8. tttoadman

    Synthetic or Down bag?

    I have not packed a synthetic bag in 20 years. I have hunted wet side of OR for years with down bags and no issues.
  9. tttoadman

    Rain covers This is what I use. They are available in green(at least they were??). I like how the bottom retainer strap sits nicely between the back pads and the lower pad. super easy to pull up and down off the top without it...
  10. tttoadman

    Quitting Alcohol

    This is a real one for me. I am from a long line of drunks. I have always been a workaholic and then a crazy weekend drunk. I somehow have been married for 32 years. Everyone that knew me in school never thought I would make it to 25. Other than my Gramma, most people in my family were ignorant...
  11. tttoadman

    Trekking Pole - Collapsible or telescopic?

    Once I am hunting, I break mine down and they go into a sleeping bag stuff sack that I can fold over the tips. Fits inside any of the 25”-26” frame bags. A little cleaner for a few days hunting than having them strapped to the side.
  12. tttoadman

    Layering Question

    Invest in the layering. I ended up in trouble a few times trying to chase elk with nothing but base layers a sweat bag on top. The typical 4-5 layering is the same no matter where I go. - base - mid - light insulation (vest) - optional heavy insulation (down jacket and puffy pants) -...
  13. tttoadman

    Truck camping sleeping pad

    This pad thrown on a ground sheet if the cot isn't on the ticket. I hate air mattresses. I would only take one for packing in.
  14. tttoadman

    Kifaru Lumbar Irritation

    I tried the SO without the lumbar pad and I could feel the vertical stays pushing in my back and ribs a little. I put on the minimal lumbar pad and it was a reasonable compromise. I have played around with a couple of the pads to make them more tapered to fit the back more evenly. that helped a...
  15. tttoadman

    Been Doing it Wrong....

    Tagging onto "CCooper" and "Roosiebull" these guys are spot on. I lived my whole life in western OR until I moved to FL like a Dumb$%^&. I only hunt wilderness areas. I don't hunt cuts or timber co land. my only adds: Stress the weather. The only time I truly expect to get a big blacktail is...
  16. tttoadman

    "Like" "Like" "Like" - What the hell is happening to our English ?

    That word is a funny one for me. My Dad called it a "crick". If someone calls it a "creek", to me it sounds like forced enunciation. I tell people "floors creak". I fish in a "crik".
  17. tttoadman

    Trekking Pole - Collapsible or telescopic?

    I have Leki in both styles. They both the same durable to me. the collapsible do rattle a little more. they are just as stowable to me. the telescopic just dock on the side of the bag. the collapsible cant do that. they both have their convenience.
  18. tttoadman

    Pad width

    I have nothing but Exped long wides. one insulated and one without. just right for me.
  19. tttoadman

    Tent w/ Walking Sticks and Condensation

    I just wait until about 10AM when the condensation problem is gone, then I take my poles and go hunt. pole tents are single pole, so I just take one with me for the first packout and that is a good compromise.
  20. tttoadman

    Stiffer boots for wide feet

    I have these for my extreme weather. La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Mountaineering Boot - Men's They are extremely stiff. I wear EE and I just sized up a number and these fit me fine with my heavy socks. For reference, I wear these sizes. Lowa Tibets 12W these are a little tight Crispi Colorado...