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  1. Tsnider

    WTS Seek outside medium box stove

    Medium box stove, 7 foot pipe (used for sawtooth) Complete kit. Includes damper, legs, bag, all parts and pieces. Typical warpage from burns, has been used less than 30 nights. Always packed as carefully as possible so the pipe and stove look better than the train wrecks I see in some peoples...
  2. Tsnider

    WTS iPhone 7s Plus phoneskope case

    Does not include the ring/mount, just the case portion. 25 shipped.
  3. Tsnider

    WTS Peak Design 20l photography backpack

    Have this listed a few other places, a lot of photographers on here so I’ll post it here too. PEAK DESIGN everyday 20l. Comes with all sternum strap, and waist straps are tucked into the pockets, though I don’t know that you would ever use them. Used condition, no major stains, some piling on...
  4. Tsnider

    WTB WTB RG hoodlum

    Like it says, looking for a ranger green hoodlum. I have a post up willing to trade for a highlander EMR2 +cash. So that’s an option, but ready to buy outright.
  5. Tsnider

    WTS MSR miniworks, MSR whisperlite

    MSR Miniworks 50$ obo. Has probably only filtered 30-40 gallons during its life. Always dried out before stored. SOLD******MSR whisperlite international, updated bottle pump I bought this year. 40 shipped obo.
  6. Tsnider

    WTS WTS EMR 2 and guide lid

    No blood or stains. All in really good shape. Slight stove smoke smell on the bag. Not from being next to a fire, just from being in the sawtooth with the stove going. Has always been left in the sun to completely dry out after trips, and stored in a contractor trash bag to keep household scents...
  7. Tsnider

    Lite Outdoors 18" vs SO SXL

    Hey guys, I currently have the Seek Outside medium for my Sawtooth. Looking to get a little better burn times, and the ability to use longer logs. Even with a saw, cutting logs to fit the 10" depth can be a challenge. A bigger stove means bigger wood of course, but also less cuts which saves...
  8. Tsnider

    WTB WTB woodsman

    Looking for a woodsman, preferably RG or highlander.
  9. Tsnider

    Wtb coyote lost park parka full zip

    Size Large Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Tsnider

    Where are my elk?

    Looking for input from experienced guys. This is my 3rd year chasing elk. Hot and dry in my unit! Usually opening weekend i see them all over the hillsides. This year, i got out there and nothing. Went up to 11k and saw two bulls in 5 days. Of course the elk cant reliably be in the same place...
  11. Tsnider

    Good luck to all! Be safe out there!

    Its here! Be safe guys, especially you guys coming from out of state and might be unfamiliar with the mountains. Dont do dumb shit! The mountains have claimed 3 people in my local area this past week. (non hunting, but still) 1. Let people (non hunting family) know where you will be exactly! 2...
  12. Tsnider

    Vortex Razor long eye relief eyepiece?

    Anyone tried these? The 65 i got this year is plenty of glass for me, but i do wish my eye didnt have to practically be touching the glass to see anything. not sure its with 250 bucks though. thanks
  13. Tsnider

    Kifaru stove 25 bucks, Boulder CL

    Kifaru Packable stove - sporting goods - by owner - sale
  14. Tsnider

    BlackOvis sale

    Big BlackOvis sale. Should have realized they would have a sale when I ordered a few days ago.
  15. Tsnider

    WTT 24" frame for a 26"

    Im too tall! Coyote hunting duplex with standard stays, 24". has a few trips on it, well cared for. has a brand new medium belt but id prefer just to keep the belts we have. this is the newest version. otherwise this will be up for sale in the coming weeks. thanks guys.
  16. Tsnider

    Scarpa Charmoz pro GTX (Kuiu colors) 150$

    Scarpa Charmoz pro GTX size 12 (Kuiu colors) 150$ Bought these from another member a few weeks back in like new condition. Did about a 10-11 mile hike this past weekend and they aren't for my feet. I'm a typical foot size 12 and these are size 12. Thought I'd get lucky, but Scarpas run small...
  17. Tsnider

    Scarpa break in?

    Got some of the Kuiu Charmoz from another member on here. Im typically size 11.5-12, usually a 12. These Scarpas are size 12. Ive worn them around a little, no real hikes until this weekend. Got the Lahtrop and Sons insoles. I don't wear wide boots, but these seems like they are slightly tight...
  18. Tsnider

    Prana Zion at campsaver

    Down to 60$ shipped for basically any color
  19. Tsnider

    Elk Bugles questions and opinions

    Looking to get something a new tube. I see Phelps has a new one out, but also have looked at the Bully Bull and Bully Bull Extreme. Are all of these tubes around the same weight? Im going to be is some big areas id like to have my sound reach out to this year. Phelps, lots of hype around them...
  20. Tsnider

    kryptek Koldo pants size LARGE 100 shipped.

    shoot this guy a 90$ offer and i bet he takes it. either way decent savings for someone. Access Denied

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