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  1. bigeasygator

    2022 Mathews V3X ***Updated 2/6/22***

    I've got one ordered (33"). Waiting on it to come in. Same with the new Hamskea rest that is meant to be slimmed down for it. Love the idea of the integrated and slimmed down approach to everything. Even as a barebow, the one I shot was so smooth and quiet. With all that said, the reason I...
  2. bigeasygator

    2021 blacktail bucks

    I hunted the south end on a boat based hunt a few years ago. On a "adventure/dollar" basis, I don't think it gets any better than that hunt. I had an awesome time and am planning on going back in the next few years.
  3. bigeasygator

    2021 Best Whitetail Photo Contest, sponsored by First Lite

    South Texas free range whitetail from back in early November.
  4. bigeasygator

    Medical Aid (IFAK) in the field

    My IFAK. For any kind of backcountry or extended hunt this is in my pack. Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet, QuikClot sponge, hemostatic gauze, non-hemostatic gauze, and Solo-T tape. I add a chest seal as well on certain hunts. It’s not the most comprehensive IFAK, but I view it as a good compromise...
  5. bigeasygator

    2021 blacktail bucks

    A little late to the thread, but here's my California archery BT from back in July.
  6. bigeasygator

    Sheep Show 2020
  7. bigeasygator

    Is Cabela’s played out?

    Whiskey Fish is spot on. Cabela's isn't what they once were to most of us. 30 years ago, they were more or less it when it came to specialized hunting products and apparel. You didn't have Sitka, Kuiu, Kifaru, Stone Glacier, etc. You also didn't have the internet. Cabela's is evolving in...
  8. bigeasygator

    Pick Apart My Gear List

    I didn't compare the details from the previous list to your current list, but a couple of comments from my experience. Cutting out 20 lbs is HUGE and that will feel way better on the mountain. That said, I wonder if you've gone too far in the other direction. I still see some areas that I...
  9. bigeasygator

    X curve

    I don't think you can really go too big, and I'd suggest a 6900. I ran it on a 10 day mountain goat hunt, and even though we lost a few days due to weather it was pretty dang full and I think I would've struggled fitting gear for 7 days in a 5900. Not saying it couldn't be done, just that the...
  10. bigeasygator

    Kifaru vs Stone Glacier: Most versatile

    This is exactly how I feel. If versatility is what you're looking for, I think Kifaru is a bit more versatile and provides more options than Stone Glacier. That said, I exclusively ran SG last year on two mountain goat hunts and an elk hunt, largely because I prefer the layout and weight of...
  11. bigeasygator

    Gaiters for New Mexico Elk in September?

    Where in NM? The terrain in that state is so varied from north to south. That said, I've spent probably about 40 days in the field hunting elk in NM. I've worn gaiters maybe one or two days and that's it.
  12. bigeasygator

    2018 Planned Hunts

    Only one trip planned thus far...I leave this Friday for a return to northern BC for another shot at a mountain goat with Bolen Lewis.
  13. bigeasygator

    Backpacking lanterns

    While not something that will generate heat, I packed one of these (Black Diamond Moji Lantern) on a backpack mountain goat hunt this year. Worked great clipped to the top of my tent. They weigh 3 ozs (without batteries) and run on 3 AAAs. They cast a nice, wide light and it allowed me to...
  14. bigeasygator

    Trump - shrinking bears ear and escalante

    "Arizona State Trust lands are not "public lands", as are Federal lands under the management of the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. Federal "public lands" are managed for the benefit and use of the public, while State Trust lands are managed for the benefit of 13 Trust...
  15. bigeasygator

    Colorado public muleys. Help

    Hunterbat, Welcome to the board and it's always nice to see folks interested in taking the plunge in hunting new species in new areas. That said, my guess is that you're not going to get much back in the way of specific information posing a general question like you have. Let me recommend a...
  16. bigeasygator

    I want to upgrade my lighter

    I'll echo the previous comments. Bics have proven the most reliable under all conditions for me. I've had some butane type torch lighters that flat out wouldn't light at higher elevations. Never had that problem with a Bic.
  17. bigeasygator

    What to expect

    Ditto to what vanish said. At the end of October, you can be in t-shirts and shorts at 10,000' or cutting your way through 2-3' of snow. I've literally shot and killed an elk in a t-shirt base layer one day, then two days later struggled throughout the day with my frozen nalgene and frozen...
  18. bigeasygator

    Can someone just tell me what broadheads to buy?

    OP, don't get discouraged. It's a perfectly legit question to ask and the opinions (and BH bashing) can be overwhelming. I think part of the challenge is there is no perfect broadhead and they all come with trade-offs. How well a BH flies is only part of the equation. Plenty of quality BHs...