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  1. Bearshirt

    How long does it take to break down an elk in the field?

    Most I have done have taken 2 guys around 2 hours but thats hanging meat in a tree 200 yards away from carcass too. I try to get as much meat off as possible, thats why im there 😊 The bull I got last year was a big bodied 6x6 and his ass end slid under a tree. We started around 10 pm and were...
  2. Bearshirt

    120 Qt Cooler big enough

    We used a 120 and 150 quart cooler. We bought a 150 the next day after getting the bull. The 120 had jugs of ice and food on way out. This year I will put gear in the 150 on way out and food and ice in the 120. There was a bone in back ham and bag of meat in each cooler in garbage bags and...
  3. Bearshirt

    How far do you really need to go?

    It was a fluke! Elk are only up at tree line at 12 k feet and 10 miles in. If you have to use mountain climbing rope to get there then your gonna be in a real good spot😂
  4. Bearshirt

    Cabelas clothing for elk hunting

    Cabelas micro tex stuff is amazing. i have a few pairs of pants that are 10-15 years old and look like they did new. Not sure about new stuff after BP bought them
  5. Bearshirt

    Packing out an elk

    The back hams on the bull I shot was 80 pounds with the bone in(bone weighed 10). Thats a bag of concrete! Then if you add a front shoulder (anyone ever weigh one of those?). And extra cuttings and head? Our loose meat bag weighed 65 pounds. So you could be talking about over 200 pounds for one...
  6. Bearshirt

    Packing out an elk

    Im always amazed at the dudes in hunting videos who carry a back ham and front shoulder in one trip (from a big bull). Im not weak but bloody hell that looks rough. The most I have ever carried was 135 pounds (it was both front shoulders with head and hide) for around 3 miles, mostly all down...
  7. Bearshirt

    Colorado pressure

    We have seen hunters twice in 2 years. One group seemed kinda bitchy since we called them in. We were hunting calling from a two track think we called them back 😂 Second time we sat a popular large meadow with wallows. You could see around you a long ways. If you off trail and in the bush there...
  8. Bearshirt

    Key Attributes of Successful Elk Hunters

    I think elk hunting is pretty easy until you shoot one. Then its put your head down and get to workin. I love exploring the mountains. I always want to see whats over there and I love following elk sign. Nothing like cracking that code and seeing the sign get hotter and hotter. Im always sad to...
  9. Bearshirt

    Packing out an elk

    The bull I got last year took 5 trips. I had 4 game bags and we had to bone front shoulders since only one would fit in a bag. So we split up trimmed meat and fronts for first load. The first load sucked hard since bull slid down under a log ass first. Long story short I shot him at 730 pm and...
  10. Bearshirt

    2020-24 season structure options

    The area we hunt has seen an increase in archery hunters. 10 years ago statistics showed around 600-700 and now its showing 1000-1200. We have only seen a hunter once in spots we hunt. Plenty of hunter sign in areas but it always looks older. If I go to a parking spot and there are 3-4 vehicals...
  11. Bearshirt

    The Current state of Elk Hunting

    Come to Michigan. Lots of public land to hunt, 4.5 million acres. During archery especialy during the week you wont see another hunter. Some areas have lots of deer and tags are cheap. You might get lucky and shoot a ok buck too
  12. Bearshirt

    adjusting to altitude

    We time the drive to spend the first night around 8k camping on blm land. Then its another 5 hours to camp. We set up base camp get lunch and take a nap. Then we spend the afternoon driving all over checking trail heads and wrap the evening up with glassing from the truck. The next day we hit...
  13. Bearshirt

    Question on scouting areas when you get to your hunting area

    If your going in blind How much time do you spend in an area before you go look to another spot if your not seeing elk or fresh sign? How many miles will you cover in a day looking in that area? The areas we are going into there are not any glassing areas. What areas are you trying to hit...
  14. Bearshirt

    Wildfire Danger And Drought Forces San Juan National Forest To Close

    Looks like they have decided to close all 1.8 million acres of the San Juan. Sounds like the BLM is deciding what to do at this time from what I have read. This could change some plans for hunters this year. Wildfire Danger And Drought Forces San Juan National Forest To Close | CPR The San...
  15. Bearshirt

    Colorado Hunting Atlas questions about elk summer concentrations

    How accurate is the Colorado Dow hunting Atlas? I have noticed for the area I have been looking at for years it has changed little as far as elk summer concentrations. I have also found elk and good sign in areas where summer concentrations are not marked(which would be expected). Are the...
  16. Bearshirt

    Colorado Unit Seventy Eight Archery questions?

    Me and my nephew are going to give this area a shot this archery season. I have heard the pressure in this area is off the charts. Well its OTC cO so duh right? I know everyone says this but I dont want advice on where to hunt. I have around 12-15 areas picked out that I want to narrow down...
  17. Bearshirt

    Colorado hunting Atlas question

    When looking at the Colorado hunting atlas for elk information, what do the areas marked resident elk mean? I know this may seem like a obvious question. :) But Im wondering what exactly does it mean. Is this an area that holds elk all year? Or? Can these be good areas to look for elk...