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  1. BuckSnort

    Disabled daughter's first mule deer

    That was awesome! Congrats to you and your daughter!
  2. BuckSnort

    My new Nicotine Mod for hunting.

    Vaping is gay!...Someone had to say it lol
  3. BuckSnort

    WTB Adjustable pole for shelter
  4. BuckSnort

    Let see your best camp photos!

    Milkyway over a Sawtooth
  5. BuckSnort

    Tikka T3x Lite 6.5

    Nice rifle but why the left handed stock pad on a right handed rifle?
  6. BuckSnort

    Show me them tipis

  7. BuckSnort

    Best belt for your pants to hike in?

    I have been looking for the most comfortable belt that didn't bunch up or bind under my backpack's waist belt.. I have ordered a couple pricey ones from backpacking gear manufactur'es and so far this cheap one is by far the most comfortable...
  8. BuckSnort

    Comparable shelter sizes

    Much Appreciated !!
  9. BuckSnort

    Comparable shelter sizes

    Perfect! thank you much! Good to know, I appreciate the info! It looks like the Supertarp packs down almost as small as the Paratarp...
  10. BuckSnort

    Comparable shelter sizes

    I’m looking for a size comparison of the Kifaru Paratarp vs Supertarp stuffed in their stuff sacks.. If anyone has either of them or both and can post a picture of them maybe next to a Nalgene bottle for reference that would be awesome.. Thanks in advance..
  11. BuckSnort

    MuleyFreak in Trouble?

    Some of y'all need to be better at picking up on sarcasm lol
  12. BuckSnort

    Cheap Scope Ideas

    SWFA SS 6x or 10x
  13. BuckSnort

    .223 for bear, Deer and elk

    By that logic why would anyone hunt with a recurve when a compound is available?
  14. BuckSnort

    Favorite Bore Cleaner??

    +1 for Wipeout... Been using it for over 10 years, great stuff..
  15. BuckSnort

    OK, what is this?

    Looks like a coyote.. Cool photos!
  16. BuckSnort

    Looking for help- scope and spotting scope

    My suggestion.. Get a SWFA 6x or 10x scope for $300 and put the money saved towards a high end spotting scope like a Swarovski...
  17. BuckSnort

    New Hunting Gear / Footprints on the Moon

    Liked (y) Nicely done!
  18. BuckSnort

    Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35X56

    Him and Tanya are too busy killing shit lol ...
  19. BuckSnort

    Critter attacks in camp

    We've had more bear problems in camp than I can count.. Some of them were a real pain in the ass, they used to relocate Yosemite problem bears into our area..