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    KDC Snipe Pod V2 27”

    In good shape, shows signs of use but functions as new. Includes an extra adapter so you can use on multiple rifles. $100 tyd.
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    Mystery Ranch 3-Way Expandabke Briefcase

    Anyone use one of these for work? I just ordered one up out of their closeout section to replace my crappy one that work provides. Had a Dell backpack that lasted about 7 years but one of the straps ripped out late last year and I can’t stand the crappy briefcases that are standard and didn’t...
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    One digiscope adapter for all optics and phones - Phoneskope Universal

    Being an individual that works in the wireless telecom business, I get the opportunity to get new phones somewhat annually. I recently upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the new iPhone X and changed out all my optics for this coming year as well. Most of my digiscoping tools did not work with this...
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    Rokslide @ Shot Show????

    Will the usual group be at Shot Show this year? Always look forward to all the pics and new stuff.
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    Raffle - Swaro BTX with 95mm Objective

    I’m not associated but just saw this in my email, 750 sold at $10 ea, think there was 313 left. Swarovski BTX Spotting Scope with 95mm Objective Module Raffle – AES General Store Someone used to post these all the time that was associated so it may already have been posted.
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    Leica just announced the HD-B 3000 and HD-R 2700

    Well this is interesting. Instagram
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    Kowa 553 neoprene case?

    Has anyone tried or fitted a Vortex Razor 50mm case on to the Kowa 55mm? I would think there would be enough stretch to get one on and maybe slight trimming for the focus knob. Really wish Kite Skua would make one.
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    Stone Glacier 2p tent

    Duplicate thread.
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    CO 2018 app changes?

    I just saw on AT a thread that CO is changing it’s application process to all online for all species and that you only have to buy a habitat stamp plus pay a $3 fee per species applied for, you don’t pay for the tag until drawn. Anyone else hear anything about this change? Sure would be nice...
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    Review - Spartan Precision Bipod - Javelin Long + Jane Long Legs

    First off I want to thank both Spartan and Rokslide for providing the opportunity to test this equipment out. Not often do you see sponsors or forum owners allowing a non-biased review of their products and not that I’m saying the Rokslide pro staff is biased but it’s good to see member reviews...
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    Leica HD-B = Very Disappointing

    Leica HD-B = Very Disappointing but Customer Service is amazing!!! So I tested out the HD-B the last 4 days while hunting and I must say I’m not impressed at all. First and really the biggest issue is the fact it will not Range when below freezing or in the teens to low 20’s. Talk about very...
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    WTS - Zeiss Conquest HD 42mm tripod mount

    New unused but not in package tripod adapter. Just attach your quick release plate and use. Will only work with 42mm models. $50tyd Zeiss Tripod Mount for Conquest HD Binoculars | 22% OFF Coupon Available w/ Free Shipping and Handling
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    Leica HD-B 2200 vs Swaro EL SV 10x42

    So considering an all in one bino, some great deals currently. How would the Leica HD-B compare to my swaros, non-ranging Swarovision EL's ? I've always been a keep your RF separate kind of mindset but am really considering a change.
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    Smokin deal on 40.5mm Novagrade digiscoping adapter

    $77 with free shipping Novagrade 40.5 x 0.5mm Universal Digiscoping Adapter – Eagle Optics
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    Swaro ATS/ATM 80 cover - smoking deal

    With Eagle Optics going out of business they have the Kite Skua case for $65, normally this sells for $125. Kite Skua Swarovski ATM 80 Spotting Scope Case – Eagle Optics
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    Gritty Bowman podcast

    Figured I'd twist Fuzzy wuzzies tits 😜 So with that last stupid thread about GB it got me, a guy that never listens to podcasts, to listen to the latest podcast with Dustin Roe and Cole Kramer, freaking great podcast! Not saying I'll listen to every podcast but I will say I've always thought...
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    Spotting scope filter threads?

    So my spotter has filter threads on it, thinking about putting on a UV filter to not only further protect the objective lens but help filter UV light when digiscoping. Anyone else do this? Any issues added a filter to the objective?
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    Even more expensive coolers! Otterbox is in the game!

    Anyone else see the instagram post of them dropping a piano on it and hit it with a wrecking ball, lol. Seems like the cooler market is getting a bunch of competitors, this is made in the USA. OtterBox Outdoor Venture Coolers | OtterBox
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    MT bonus point change

    MT now allows for those that did not put in for the draw to buy a bonus point, about time!
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    New hunting rig

    2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro4x with the cummins.