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    WTS UA storm fleece bib XL

    Are they insulated or lined?
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    WTS Kifaru, Seek outside, Liteoutdoors, BPWD, Northface, Gossamer gear

    Do you know if the bead paw will work in a seek 6 man?
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    WTS Kenetrek Hardscrabble LT 10W- Almost New

    Pm me your pay pal info..
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    WTS Kenetrek Hardscrabble LT 10W- Almost New

    I will take them..
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    WTS Barney’s freighter frame

    Thank you, looking at options for potential AK trip. That may be a bit heavy for the bush plane.
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    WTS Barney’s freighter frame

    Can I ask the weight of the frame?
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    WTS Enlightened Equipment 20degree and 40degree Prodigy Quilts

    I will take it.. if still available
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    WTS Enlightened Equipment 20degree and 40degree Prodigy Quilts

    Is the foot box tapered or more rectangle?
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    WTS Kifaru 22 mag in mandrake

    Would you call this size bag a day pack?
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    Cooler size and ice tips for caribou

    If you are diving why not take a small freezer and generator. We did that for a Texas hunt a few years back froze everything solid then drove home had the generator in case.
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    WTS Kifaru 22 Mag and two belt pouches

    Is this still available?
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    WTS SO Redcliff, nest, stove

    How much for the nest?
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    Cooler size and ice tips for caribou

    May want to look at the lifetime coolers from Wally World. I have not noticed much difference in ice retention from my RTIC van my Colman extreams down here in AZ.. have a buddy that runs the lifetimes at around 100 bucks hard to beat at that cost. Just my opinion.
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    WTS Dupont Tyvek

    Pm sent
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    Trekking Poles

    I have a pair of olde black diamond aluminum poles. I only use them on long hikes or under heavy loads. Been in and out of the Grand Canyon a few times both with and without will not go with out them now. They do make a big difference. Have coworkers that run the Costco ones. For the price buy a...
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    Lower body layering for North Slope early September

    Read a post hear a few months back that talked about a puffy pant to wear while sitting and glassing for hours. I am planing on that for my trip next year. Need to be easy on off so they can slip over boots. Can also double as sleep pants if the weather turns..
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    Inflatable Rentals in or near Anchorage?

    Have you looked on the Alaska outdoor directory forum? Or check with pristine adventures. Larry May rent .
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    WTS Seek Outside 6 man Tipi

    What is the total weight of this set up? And I assume the liners can be used as an option?