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    WTS Nightforce 20MOA Rail for Savage

    Wanting to sell my Nightforce 20MOA Steel Rail for a new style savage. $100 tyd.
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    Idaho Taxidermists (Velvet Mule Deer)

    Hey all I will be going on an early archery mule deer hunt this year (August 15-30) in Idaho. I have never harvested any deer in the velvet before I have been doing research on how to preserve the velvet and cape the hide in the field. If am successful in killing a mature buck I plan to have it...
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    WTS Left Hand Bowfishing setup

    I’m wanting to sell my left handed bow fishing setup. The bow is a PSE Nova with brand new strings and the reel is AMS. $200 tyd.
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    WTS Hilleberg Nallo 2GT

    I am looking to sell my Hilleberg Nallo 2GT has only been used a handful of times and is in great condition. I did have a stove jack installed (see pictures) this was done professionally using Kevlar thread. It actually works quite well with the large vestibule of the GT. Comes with a footprint...
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    Idaho Early Archery Mule Deer

    I was fortunate and drew an early archery mule deer tag here in my home state of Idaho. The season is August 15-30 I will be hunting from the 15th to about the 26th because my wife leaves for work on the 27th and I have to be back to watch our little one. The hunt unit is made up of multiple...
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    Anybody else draw early archery mule deer in Idaho?

    I drew an early archery mule deer tag in central/east central Idaho wondering if anybody else on here might have as well and would be interested in collaborating? If so PM me. Thanks!
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    WTS NEW Pelican 1750 Long Rifle Case

    I have a Pelican 1750 long rifle case that has never been used, I had intentions of using it for travel which just isn't going to happen right now so could use the money for other things. The problem is these buggers are expensive to ship so price will be dependent on where you live and shipping...
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    WTS KUIU Ultra S/M 3000 & Icon 5200 bag

    I have a KUIU Ultra 3000 with the new hip belt as of last year, also have an Icon 5200 bag that will work with this frame. I originally bought the Ultra 4000 in 2014. I have used it for about 1 back country trip a year and for day hunting. I have added a water bladder sleeve and hip belt pouch...
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf Internal Storage

    I am looking to get a new pack system and I am considering the Metcalf. One quesiton I have is what is the interior of the bag like? form what I can find it is pretty minamilistic, which is probably ok but I cant find any info if it at least has a hydration resevoir sleeve? I would think this is...
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    WTS Vortex Nomad 20-60X60mm

    Wanting to sell my Vortex Nomad 20-60X60mm. I bought this spotter new right about the time they discontinued them. It has been well taken care of always carried inside my pack and kept clean you honestly cant tell this thing isn't brand new. Its been good to me I'm just ready to upgrade. Comes...
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    Idaho FNG

    New to the forum, well sorta... I joined in 2018 but haven't been really active until recently mostly lurking. Starting to get excited for hunting season and when that happens Rokslide is one of the first places I go to learn about hunting tactics and gear. It has been a valuable resource for me...
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    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56

    I have had this scope mounted on a rifle for one season and decided it wasn't the setup I wanted for my hunting style. It has been very lightly used and you wouldn't know it wasn't new if I didn't tell you. I would like to get $1700 you can get one brand new on Amazon right now for $2028. I also...