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  1. robby denning

    Official Rokslide Sponsor Black Friday Deals:

    I've reached out to our sponsors. If they send me something, I'll post it on here. If you know of something, and the sponsor is listed here go ahead and post it up. Let's support these guys that make Rokslide possible! I'll have the thread unlocked soon...
  2. robby denning

    Ryan got a big buck!

    The Fuzz just put the hammer down on big old looking buck!!! He’s been hunting the last few days with sketchy service so we’ve hardly spoken. Then today I get a “call me” text but I’m in a big boring meeting. When the Fuzz says call me, and he’s on the mountain, you make excuses to end...
  3. robby denning

    Late Season Muzzlelaoder Mule Deer Hunt

    Hey all. I'm in the final stages of prep for a muzz hunt that starts next week. I'm going with friend and Rokslide member @VANDAL He took a sweet typical earlier this year here and we're hoping to put at least one more of those on the skinning pole, this time with our smokepoles. My son Cash...
  4. robby denning

    Seek Outsides new U-Turn woodburning stove--saving weight in a flat top

    Here is Seek Outsides new release The U-Turn. It's a hybrid of cylinder & box stoves. comparable weight to cylinder designs but you can cook on top. If you're willing to wait a little longer to boil water, you can ditch your fuel stove, saving you more weight (did that just this fall on one...
  5. robby denning

    Midway Movie!

    was totally awesome! I'd read reviews that the hoity toity said Midway was too hard to follow. OK, fine, there is a bunch going in in the movie, but when Dick Best puts that Douglas SBD Dauntless into a dive and opens up that 50 cal Browning, you won't mind the story a bit! I'm going to see...
  6. robby denning

    Yellowstone Wolf Project Report

    Among another things, this was interesting 38% and the majority of kills are bull elk? I guess those antlers don’t do much good. Just surprised that they kill more bulls. And they killed a grizz!!! Sorry no link but the news story I copied that pic from won’t let me copy the link. Sent...
  7. robby denning

    Cash’s 2nd buck

    For you old Rokslide guys, you remember his 186 yard shot off my tripod when he was 10. The buck where he walked up and said “where’s the meat?” Well that was three years ago and he’s dutifully hunted each year since with no action. We’ve hunted the last three days on one of the ranches I...
  8. robby denning

    Fuzzy Wuzzy shot an elk

    I stole this off Jordan Budd‘s Instagram page, she filmed the hunt. Should be out in a month or two. The fuzz strikes again. Keeping track of his rifles like trying to keep track of my daughters shoes. Any of you know what he was shooting this year? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. robby denning

    KHNC, post your complaint here.

    @KHNC let's not hi-jack the inReach thread. Since you publically but partially posted our previous PMs, here is a fresh thread to get them all out there so everyone has the context of that conversation (the one that we moved beyond long ago). I only have a vague memory of that day and don't...
  10. robby denning

    inReach account set-up, not for me

    I was totally pumped to finally make the leap from one-way/SOS messaging on my Spot, to two-way messaging. Five years ago, my father-in-law died when I was in the back country, nobody could get a hold of me. I felt pretty bad when I got out and found out everybody was trying to reach me...
  11. robby denning

    Hollywood Archery Tourney? Huh?

    James A. Swan has been a contributing writer for Rokslide. He just sent me this press release. Of course I thought it was a joke for a second, but it's not. Read down to the actors/professionals who are supporting this event. I'm jumped on IG right and followed the few of them I could find...
  12. robby denning

    2019 Best Buck Mule Deer Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kryptek

    We're back! This is the fourth year of this contest and is bound to be the best. Our friends at Kryptek have put up a $750 Gift Certificate towards the Altitude Line for 1st place this year!!!! Just think of hitting the Kryptek Store with a free pass to spend $750 bucks on your gear of choice...
  13. robby denning

    2019 Best Bull Elk Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kifaru

    We're back! This is the fourth year of this contest. Our friends at Kifaru have put up a $750 Gift Certificate for 1st place this year!!!! Just think, $750 smackers to spend in the Kifaru Store, and no guilt trip from the Mrs! The $750 is for first place, (2nd place will be the...
  14. robby denning

    2019 Best Whitetail Hunt Photo, Sponsored by First Lite

    Hey Roksliders, First Lite has stepped up for 2019 for this contest. First Lite has a complete line of Whitetail performance clothing in their Sanctuary and Solitude lines (including women's pieces in the Sanctuary). Some quick videos here: They have quite a few crossover pieces from other...
  15. robby denning

    Western Landlocked Lands Report by onX/TRCP

    Hey Roksliders, got this from onX yesterday. Very detailed report. Some of you are hoping they never solve this problem, I know, but it is alarming how much publicly-owned country can't be accessed without landowner permission. Link is below the executive summary: In a report released this...
  16. robby denning

    KUIU Updated Pro Suspension and Packbags

    Our own @RosinBag (Doug Rosin) did two very thorough reviews on the KUIU Pro Series If you have any questions, post them up on his ongoing review thread (lots of discussion on there)
  17. robby denning

    onX Hunt Tutorial/Q&A

    Hey Roksliders longtime sponsor onX Hunt would like to provide a platform where you can catch some of their latest tutorial content and post up your questions and feedback. Nick at onX Hunt (onX Hunt screen name) has been very helpful on previous threads helping members get the most out of the...
  18. robby denning

    Welcome to Colorado Leftover Watch

    Hey all, @Travis Bertrand into’d me to this app last year. If I wanted a Colorado leftover tag, this would be the route I’d go. I did the trial offer last year (after the leftover application crazy day ended) and although I didn’t end up needing a Colorado tag, I did see several of the ones I...
  19. robby denning

    WTS Zeiss Harpia 85 w/ eyepiece

    This is the scope Matt reviewed for us earlier this year. It scores well in FOV, Resolution, vignette-free digiscoping, ease of focus and depth of field. He didn’t like the scopes inability to transmit light at low power. You can read the review here...
  20. robby denning

    New Zeiss Reticles

    Hey all, They just sent these over Friday. A few short vids on the ZMOA-T30 and T20 (30/20MOA below centerline). These are available in the Conquest V4. Videos are only 2-minutes each. I don't have a still shot of the reticles, but they are shown in the vids. ZMOA-T30 ZMOAi-T20 Anyone...