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    Warmer than fleece midlayer

    I’m in the market for something warmer than fleece as a midlayer. My current system is FL aerowool baselayer, FL Klamath hoody midlayer, kelvin lite hoody puffy or for colder weather a down hoody from a non hunting brand. However, I find that oftentimes I’m too cold to hike around in just a...
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    WTT WTT Sitka kelvin lite hoody

    I have a Large coyote brown Sitka kelvin lite hoody in like new condition. Would like to trade for a XL kelvin lite hoody in any color. I can throw in some kuiu wool items to sweeten the deal. Please let me know, thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS Kuiu Sale

    I have some Kuiu items from their 2016 or 2017 line I would like to sell. None of them were worn in the field and all of them were worn around the house once just to check the fit/feel. All of them were washed at least once, with the exception being the hats/beanies which were never washed. The...
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    Kuiu Talus pants or Axis pants

    So the thread title says it all. I’m trying to find a pant for late season. To help me choose, l will mainly be hunting in my home state of AZ (but with plans of hunting out of state) where it can be cold desert with plants that want to grab and claw you, or high altitude snowy Sierra landscape...
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    EXO updates for 2019

    I apologize if this has been done before, but does anyone know what EXO has in store for 2019? I’m going on a hunt this May, but their new stuff isnt coming out until June. Do you think I should wait? Or just buy their 2018 pack? I’m going on a turkey hunt with minimal hiking so a pack...
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    Sitka rep anti-gun

    Charles Post on Instagram: “This year has been plagued with mass shootings. This is something that we need to address and solve. • and I want to have kids…” I don’t know how I should feel about this. Should I grab my pitch fork and fly my First Lite flag? Or let this slide? Sent...
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    Warmest down puffy

    So I’m trying to find a down puffy that can keep me warm during extremely cold sits. I spoke to someone at FL and they said that the chamberlain has 11 ounce of down insulation which is a lot. They couldn’t tell me what the fill power was though. I’m thinking it was probably of lesser quality...
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    Lack of hat options

    Does anyone else feel like the industry is lacking in adequate hats? We’ll spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on some of the latest and greatest in lightweight, warm, tough, but breathable and quick drying clothing. Yet when it comes to hats, most companies just do the bare minimum and...
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    Arctery atom lt

    So when I hunt I typically where 4 layers in my kit like most people around here: first lite aerowool base layer, Sitka core heavyweight hoody mid layer, down/synthetic puffy (uncompahgre or kifaru lpp, and a first lite seak rain shell . However, I recently purchased an Arc’teryx Atom LT hoody...
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    Outdoorsmans bino stud rotating

    Has anyone had the problem with your outdoorsmans stud rotating within their binos even when it’s inside the bino adapter that is tightened fully? It causes my binos to move and shake which kind of defeats the purpose of having a tripod. I’m thinking about either using loctite on the stud or...
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    New headlamp

    I know this has been discussed before but I haven’t found an adequate answer. I love my zebra light mk600. I love it’s 1000 lumen output on high, and I love its white flood bulb. However, I would really like something with a red light option that takes 18650 batteries. The Fenix HL60R was...