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    WTS Stone Glacier Sky 5900 w/ extras

    Sky 5900 sold. Thanks all for looking
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    WTS Stone Glacier Sky 5900 w/ extras

    Selling my Stone Glacier Sky 5900 with lid and X curve frame. Large belt. Two sets of shoulder straps. Wide straps and regular straps. Regular straps never used. Comes with water bladder holder, water bottle holder, extra buckles and rifle holder. Pack is used and has packed out animals...
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    WTB Kifaru 22inch Duplex Hunting Frame

    Looking for a 22inch Duplex Hunting frame, with meduim/large belt, dont really care what color it is, as long as its in good shape...only need the frame. Pms work great. Thanks
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    FS PSE Carbon Air 34 ECS Left-handed

    For Sale: PSE Carbon Air 34 Left-handed with evolve cam system. Mossy oak camo. 60lb limbs. Maxed out I'm getting 65lbs. Evolve cam system can adjust from 26-31 inch draw and 80-90% letoff with no need for a bow press. 3.5lbs bare bow. Comes with QAD rest and tight spot 5 arrow quiver along...
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    Broad heads for Sale

    I have a pile of broad heads im not using. Seeing if any one has interest. I have two packs of 3 Slick Trick Standards 100gr- Never taken out of the package. Ill through in 3 extra points that i have shot for practice. So 9 Broadheads total, 6 new, 3 Used for $50 TYD in lower 48. I have...
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    Pac It Lite Hammocks

    So over the last few years i have been thinking about switching from my single man tent to a hammock. Granted i dont expect to save any weight with this move, what i am hoping for is better sleep. Not going to lie i have a great tent and pad and still sleep like crap, constantly spinning and...
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    WTS: Elite Energy 32 Left Hand #80lb limbs

    I have a 2014 Elite Energy 32 Lefty with 80lb limbs. Currently set at 73.4lbs Brand new strings put on about 2 months ago By Quick Draw Archery in Colorado. Ninja Black color with the Cerekote finish. Bow comes with rest only which is ripcord code red, sight and stabilizer not included in...
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    FS EXO 3500 Foliage

    I have a Exo Mountain 3500 Pack in Foliage Color. Pack comes with lid, meat shelf, hip belt pocket, and two mesh attachment pockets. I used this pack for two seasons and has done awesome. It does have some blood stains on it, but mostly on the frame portion of the bag. Other then that this...
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    Athlon Optics

    Was wondering if anyone has seen or used Athlon optics? From what I can find they seem like great glass for the price but there are no reviews as this is a new company.
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    WTS: MR Metcalf G2 and Mathews Monster Left Handed Loaded

    Doing some Spring Cleaning. Got a Mystery Ranch Metcalf Gen 2 for sale. Frame is Coyote, and bag is Foliage, Includes alpine lid and lift kit for a complete kit. Also includes ditty pocket attached to waist belt. Medium Frame and Medium Waist Belt. I have Large waist belt if someone needs...
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    Neck injury...thoughts?

    The last couple months have been pretty bad. I have been fighting through a neck injury. I've done all sorts of physical therapy, chiropractic and even acupuncture to help me out. After a long avoided MRI I've now accepted the large hernia pressing into my spinal cord is not going to just go...
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    Train to Hunt website not working

    any one else having issues? I sent an email to the guys at Train to Hunt (Kenton) but haven't received a reply, been almost a week and i cannot log in..wondering if any one else is having this issue.
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    Salt Lake City...could I live there?

    So I might have an opportunity for a job outside salt lake city in ogden and I'm wondering if I could make the move and be happy. Little about me...I'm from so cal originally ( insert your comments here). I work for the military and I'll leave it at that. Currently I'm stuck on the east coast...