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  1. sdcowboy

    SD archery deer

    Here is my SD archery deer. Only about a month of hunting him. Countless 5 hour sits and only occasional trail pics. An early snow storm helped close the deal. Buck of a lifetime. We don’t get deer with droptines in my area. This is only the second deer I’ve ever seen in my 33 years of hunting
  2. sdcowboy

    Wolf hunting in Canada questions

    Can I bring my thermal scope into Canada and use it for hunting wolves? Haven’t been able to find much info on it. Is it legal to use and can I take it into Canada. Anyone know anything or anybody who may have done this
  3. sdcowboy

    Thermal scopes and Canada?

    Does an one know if I can take my thermal scope into Canada? I have a wolf hunt booked and would like to use it if possible.
  4. sdcowboy

    DPMS BCG and barrel

    DPMS 308 BCG and barrel 308 BCG and barrel. Maybe 100 rounds through them. Turned gun into a .243 for hunting coyotes. $175.00 tyd Not having any luck uploading pics. I can text you some if interested. Text me for pics 6058483074
  5. sdcowboy

    Aoudad sheep hunt?

    Does any a body have a good recommendation on an archery hunt. I am looking to book one for my son and one of his friends this December. Would like the cost to be around $3500. Thanks
  6. sdcowboy

    Spot global phone

    Spot global phone for sale. 2 extra batteries and wall charger. $250 PayPal family or friends. Pm me for any questions. Just got it back from spot they went through the phone and updated it
  7. sdcowboy

    SD antelope

    For the past few years when it has come to hunting my kids have always come first. Wether it be goats or deer no adults carried their rifle or bow until the kids were done. Finally my kids are adults and they decided that it was time for old dad to get a shot at a good goat for once. Tried to...
  8. sdcowboy

    WWT 1.8 liter jet boil cup

    WTT 1.8 liter jet boil cup I have a slightly used but in great condition a 1.8 liter cup and would like to trade for a 1 liter cup.
  9. sdcowboy

    Wtb 8 man tipi

    I am looking for an eight man tipi. Has to have a stove jack and would like a liner if possible.
  10. sdcowboy

    bushnell laser rangefinder scope?

    does anyone have any experience with one of these scopes? my son is wanting one for X-mas. The site says it has a wireless remote(which I know he will loose) to activate the rangefinder. Just wondering if you have to have it or is there a button on the scope that can be used. He wants it for...
  11. sdcowboy

    sleeping bag for a clasterphobic

    I have a friend that is clasterphobic and is in need of a sleeping bag. as light as possible and around a 0 to 15 degree bag. he freaks out in a mummy bag and no one get any sleep! thanks
  12. sdcowboy

    Delta and anti hunting

    In the wake of Cecil the lion's death, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines announced they would no longer allow the shipment of hunting trophies on their planes. South African Airways is now one of the only global airlines that allows the transport of hunting trophies. Add your signature to the...
  13. sdcowboy

    looking for a pack saddle

    I am looking for a pack saddle and panniers. I would like a decker if possible. a saw buck would work to. A buddy has a montana elk tag and asked if i could bring my horses and help him. We are planning on leaving Nov 1 so time isn't on my side. you can call or text me @ 605-848-3074. Thanks
  14. sdcowboy

    SD goat

    Here is a goat I took in SD. The rifle I used was a Krupp laufstahl rifle given to me by a friend who bought it new in 1958, while he was stationed in Germany in the navy. I cant find to much info on the rifle so if anyone has any info on it please share.
  15. sdcowboy

    My first sheep!

    My first sheep. 14 inch bases,37 inch horns with a spread of 27 inches. A special thanks to Brent and Walker at castle rock outfitters for making my dreams come true. It truly was the hunt of a lifetime. Thanks so much!!!!
  16. sdcowboy

    Mystery ranch longbow?

    Can I use a load sling on my nice frame with my longbow?
  17. sdcowboy

    3000cu in pack

    ok I am looking for a 3000 pack for a sheep hunt that I can use on horseback. what do you use and why. I have a mr 6500 that I was going to use but my guide said I don't need on that big since we are using horses. So now I am starting over again on packs. Any thoughts on this is greatly...