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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge

    I got a chance to put my prize to use. Excellent piece. I'm not sure I'm used to the blade being sharpened on both sides, but the extremely sharp tip is nice. Thanks again Robby and Rokslide and Bill and Iron Will!
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    Just tested the new Sevr 1.5 and 1.7--Wow

    Thanks for the review.
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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge

    0.9 oz on my scale. 1.2 oz with the sheath.
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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge

    Look what greeted me when I got home from work today. I can hardly wait to have a reason to try this out.
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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge

    Thanks a lot Robby, Travis, Rokslide, and Iron Will Outfitters. I'd try the K1 knife. I hope to put my prize to great use on my upcoming antelope, elk, and deer hunts this fall. Looks like a great piece. Wow. Thanks again.
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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge

    My MER is 60 yards. I'll shoot at one spot from a NFAA 5-spot target. The outside of the black is a touch over 6 inches in diameter. 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340, 68 lbs, 27-inch draw length, 385 gr Easton Axis 400, 288 fps. Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5-pin sight. Sevr broadheads. Ignitor nocks...
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    Lowa Tibet GTX Hi & Kenetrek Mountain Extreme observations

    I'm on my second pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extreme. I tried the Lowa Tibet around the house, but they felt sloppy in the heel and in the forefoot. I like the heel cup and the lace-to-toe of the Kenetrek. Your foot may vary, but that's my input.
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    Archery Sight Light help

    Nothing says you can't use a sight light indoors or on the 3D range in Montana or Colorado. I hunted Colorado with my Black Gold Ascent Verdict and did not miss not having a light. Pins were good to last shooting light.
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    Archery Sight Light help

    Looks like 3/8-24 thread. Also, I notice Apex has a new light out that rotates like other brands. Maybe it's better than the ones I had from them that had a push button.
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    Archery Sight Light help

    I would, but the mounting leaves a lot to be desired. It has a more coarse thread than the Spot Hogg and TruGlo. Not exactly sure which thread it is. I'll try to figure it out.
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    Dumb spine question

    I'm wondering about T bone's broadhead tuner that he was talking about. Anybody know what that is?
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    Archery Sight Light help

    In my experience, none are stellar performers. Apex is garbage. Spot Hogg is poor to fair. TruGlo is manageable. Black Gold is satisfactory. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do these exist?

    Sounds to me like you're describing almost any model of Keen, Salomon, or Merrell. What am I missing?
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    Real hunting weight arrow speeds

    Excellent. Thanks. I missed your prior post. Sorry. I also have a 27.5-inch draw and I'm looking to increase my arrow weight.
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    Real hunting weight arrow speeds

    What bow? What chrono?
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    2018 Cold Bow Challenge

    Go ahead. That'd be neat. Looking forward to this year's challenge.
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    Help With Kuiu Production Year

    So then obviously your frame won't break, but this is rokslide and we take every chance we can get to dump on Kuiu.
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    Jeans. You know, like denim blue jeans.

    I can't wear mall jeans. No mall brand makes an inseam long enough in My waist size. I've found that a western clothing store or feed store is about the only place a 31x36 Jean is available. My go-to Jean is Wrangler Retro Relaxed fit. But, since I don't pay full price for anything, I...
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    first lite vs kuiu pants

    Hip vents are the deal! Yeah, I wish they came in 36 inch length. Or unhemmed.