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  1. muleman

    Snapchat blunder helps police make arrest in $20K antler theft

    Glad they caught the perpetrator.
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    Anyone have experience using snares for coyotes in semi-rural areas? My son would like to set a trap line using snares. He is looking to keep prime fur and bounty anything else. He has a few traps but for the money he could have a lot bigger line with snares. We know there are a few options...
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    Utah Antlerless Emails

    The antlerless results are being sent out. We drew two tags out of six. My two kids both drew elk tags. None of us drew deer.
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    I hate it when I'm right. (Dang you HF)

    Last year Wyoming cow bison was 100% draw for non-residents. Then I read an article in HF about the 100% odds. After reading the article, I predicted that draw odds would go to 25%. Well I wasn't exactly right, they were 28% and I didn't draw. I guess that's what I get for grilling my bison...
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    New Found Excitement

    I personally have hunted turkeys once. I drew a Utah tag about ten years ago. It was unsuccessful, didn't even see a bird. Fast forward to Friday and Saturday of this week. Utah has a three day youth hunt prior to the Utah general hunt. I took my two hunting age kids out. Friday saw a little...
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    Green Decoys?????
  7. muleman

    AZ Feral Pig Meat?

    Looks like a couple buddies and I are going on a feral pig hunt in Arizona next weekend. I would like to harvest the meat. This is the first feral pig hunt for all of us. Has anyone eaten feral pigs out of Northern AZ? Any tips on meat care?
  8. muleman

    AZ Elk Units for Youth Hunters

    Looking for general advice on which AZ elk units would be a good fit for young hunters. Muzzleloader or rifle would be the weapons of choice. Backpack hunts of up to 5 miles in the right terrain would be doable. Not looking to camp next to you or steal your honey hole just need a little...
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    1882 Winchester rifle found in Great Basin National Park

    Wow, I'd love to know the story behind this rifle.
  10. muleman

    GPS study tracks grizzlies as they follow hunters

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    WTB Barnes .458 Original Bullets

    Looking for the following .458 Barnes Original (45/70) bullets: #457010 300gr spire point #457030 400gr spire point #457040 400gr flat nose spire point
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    Looking for a one piece Weaver or Picatinny base.

    Looking for a one piece Weaver or Picatinny base to fit a Knight Mountaineer. Anybody know of one?
  13. muleman

    WTB White/MTI or Knight Ultra-Lite

    Looking for any White/MTI or Knight Ultra-Lite muzzleloaders.
  14. muleman

    High Fence Freak

    Check out this massive high fence buck.
  15. muleman

    Bear attack in Wyoming kills Utah man

    Another unfortunate event.
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    Superfeet Carbons?

    Does anyone have longterm use of the Superfeet Carbons? I'm looking for a low volume footbed, but worried about the ridges cutting the boot liner. Especially since they warn that it is possible in their literature. The Superfeet Merino, Orange, and Green have the regular flat bottom. While the...
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    Throwback Thursday

    I recently decided to reread a book I took from my Grandpa's estate. The books title is: The Mule Deer; In Search of Big Heads. It has been close to a decade since I have cracked the cover. As I read the book again I was amazed at the dedication and how much really hasn't changed when it...
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    Classifieds Old or New Poll

    Ryan suggested we vote on this. So after giving the new style of classifieds a try for a while vote in the poll.
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    Schnee's Montana Merino

    Has anyone seen or tried the Schnee's Montana Merino Wool? It is grown in Montana and American made.
  20. muleman

    Utah (Mule Deer) State of the Union 2014

    A little good news, especially for me up in the Northern unit I hunt.