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    Who uses a clicker?

    I use a clicker. Be careful using duct tape, electrical tape or Leuko tape on the clicker, it can get too sticky and cause the dimple on the clicker itself not to reset. I use the fuzzy side of Velcro on both sides, and on the plate makes it really quiet almost too quiet.
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    B zone opener

    Marbles as well.
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    Oregon Coast

    I live on the North coast in very northern CA. It gets it’s fair share of rain. I use the MSR Hubba Hubba NX just fine. It preformed really well in a brutal store in the CO high country last year as well.
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    Kifaru 44mag- looks pretty cool

    Ordered mine on 4/26, got my shipping notice this a.m
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    MSR Trailshot..... interesting....

    I have all 3. The hiker pro, swayer squeeze me, and trail shot. I took the trail shot on a 8 day high country hunt in CO this year. It was absolute garbage! It worked good at first...but slowed down quickly and often. Even after multiple cleanings. That being said I rotate between the swayer and...
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    VIAM game bags?

    Hey everyone, Unfortunately I’m in the process of replacing a bunch of my hunting stuff that was stolen. Currently I am putting a kill kit back together (yes they stole that too) and ran across VIAM outdoors game bags. Does anyone have any experience with these bags? I’ve used Caribou and...
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    Pin size?

    Hello All, I hope everyone is doing well! I'm getting ready to order MBG Pure Driven 75, however I'm torn on what pin size to get. I'm stuck on either the .019 or the .010. I'm all ears to any suggestions! Thanks!
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    Looking to upgrade my optics system looking for advice

    Hello, My first post here, I've been lurking around for a while anyways. So my current setup I have Nikon Monarch X in 10.5X45 I believe Nikon discontinued. Which they do seem to be decent glass. That being said I've never used high end optics before Ziess, Swaro etc. I mainly do backcountry...