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  1. 07yzryder

    Fat Guy Weekly Weigh In.

    guess ill chime in, weight loss has plateued as expected, running 30 minutes (1230 pace) at the gym 3 times a week along with a solid workout after. Happy with how it has come so far. When i started the gym with the C25K program i could run the minute but it was tough, now 30 minutes, 12 minutes...
  2. 07yzryder

    Getting out of round (AKA better shape)

    Good luck to you as well. One foot in front of the other and eventually well meet our goals.
  3. 07yzryder

    225 ELDM accuracy issues

    have you verified the stability with bergers stability calculator to ensure its stable with your barrel twist?
  4. 07yzryder

    This is why our Deer numbers are down!

    id love to hunt cougars. i dont have hounds any tips on getting started without the? I know they are in the vegas area, was on a search once and we walked down a path, coming back there were prints inside ours.... odesnt take a genius to know we were being stalked and at the mercy of a cat...
  5. 07yzryder

    Weston grinders and vacuum sealer

    whelp was trying to save money.... decided better to spend less on quality then spend more later. got a #8 grinder and a realtree food vacuum.... now off to get some trout, stripers, and grind my own burgers. Non game htis year and hopefully some game meat next!
  6. 07yzryder

    This is why our Deer numbers are down!

    another issue with coyotes is people educate them. even if i call one in, unless i have a "gauranteed" lethal hit i wont take the shot. Ive hunted with people who will take pop shots on running yotes after they winded us. to me its stupid, yea, they caught wind and are leaving. they dont...
  7. 07yzryder

    Getting out of round (AKA better shape)

    I seen those at my gym, will definitely look into it. They are incline treadmills and I noticed it was darn near vertical lol. Once my cardio hits where I want I'll introduce outdoors hikes and on 115degree days incline treadmills lol. Good to know that bit of info.
  8. 07yzryder

    Getting out of round (AKA better shape)

    Thank you @*zap* @ediggity that's my plan, want to get some cardio in so I can hike. Figure start in the gym since I ha e a year till hunting season. Spend a few months getting a baseline before going outdoors and kicking some trail butt. My hike won't be as high as some areas I hope to hunt...
  9. 07yzryder

    Getting out of round (AKA better shape)

    Although round is a shape, im planning on slimming down. Next year ill be putting in for tags and hopefully by then ill be ready to hike the mountains for days in a row. Right now im doing Couch 2 5K just to get my cardio up (sitting at about a 13 minute mile for 2 miles), this is 3x a week...
  10. 07yzryder

    Ammo limits non resident california

    The law is for residents only if im not mistaken. 30314. (a) Commencing January 1, 2018, a resident of this state shall not bring or transport into this state any ammunition that he or she purchased or otherwise obtained from outside of this state unless he or she first has that ammunition...
  11. 07yzryder

    Search and Rescue: Why don't you step up?

    luckily the head honcho out here also is a moderator on open carry FB groups lol. his policy is simple, we go into the desert. we go into homeless areas, we go into the hood. you are also an adult.
  12. 07yzryder

    New Deer Hunter Looking for Help

    Never hunted big game when i lived in cali but worked with a few who did often and if tags werent drawn they scouted the year anyway and took out some of the yotes to help the population. They always put in for the mojave national preserve towards vegas on the 15. in the years i worked with him...
  13. 07yzryder

    Search and Rescue: Why don't you step up?

    did for a few years. Unfortunately with the new job i wont be able to dedicate the time required for training and to go on alot of the more urgent missing person searches. When i was active it was a great experience. My local volunteer team recently NASAR certified a team from mexico and it...
  14. 07yzryder

    Tikka T3x Lite 6.5

    I don't like left handed rifles. I prefer being able to run the bolt with my right hand and keep my primary hand on the rifle.
  15. 07yzryder

    Tikka T3x Lite 6.5

    Finally got the scope mounted and shes done. Put some fur down already though missed one as im not used to safeties on bolt guns, typically precision rifle matches. Will be going on a few more fur hunts to get more used to the rifle before I take it on my first big game hunt in the coming years...
  16. 07yzryder

    Favorite Printable Targets?

    Laundry list of targets, MOA or MIL grids, i use some of the diamond patterns for load dev. The diamon gives me a small point to aim at, and when getting my DOPE I can use the grid to get an exact adjustment needed.
  17. 07yzryder

    Rifle for coyotes

    I tend to stick with AR's mainly because its what i have and they are lighter then my ELR rig and my precision 308 LOL. Recently ive taken my new tikka t3x lite in 6.5 to get accustomed to it and am not hating the bolt action. Other then the safety, used to AR safeties flipping it down as i put...
  18. 07yzryder

    .280 Rem Incipient head seperation?

    Very good tool to have. Especially if you dont want to ruin 100 peices of 338 lapua brass....... ended up starting with a FL sizer, die touching the shell plate like the directions said. This is what they are talking about when they said feel inside the brass for a ring. You can take a dental...
  19. 07yzryder

    Kotzebue Hunt Recap

    Man I wish i would have had the time when my GF's godfather invited me up there for a hunt while he was mayor of the town. Looks beautiful and like tons of fun (minus the long hike packing the one out). How does caribou taste compared to deer/elk/moose?
  20. 07yzryder

    Tikka t3x comb or cheek piece add on?

    the triad comes in a left hand version. Running it on my rifle now. Get the scope later today and this weekend will be able to zero it and get some dope finally. Hoping its tall enough if not going to add some more velcro strips to raise it up.