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    Keto with little time during season

    Man I’m having a tough time with the keto diet during the hunting season. Between work, scouting and hunting, I never have time for meal prep. What are some of you peeps doing to stay in ketosis with little to no time to plan and prep?
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    WTB Kifaru Hellcat/Scout

    Looking to buy a Hellcat or a Scout. Please PM me if you have one of these you’re looking to sell. Thanks
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    WTB Exo 2000 bag

    I missed an opportunity for one not long ago so I'm posting this back up in hopes of finding another one someone wants to let go of. I'd prefer green, but at this point willing to take any of the colors offered. Let me know what you got!! Pretty much any condition. I need one quickly!!! Thanks
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    WTS Rem 700 Timney Trigger

    Currently set at 2 lbs by my RCBS trigger pull scale. Used to fire around 300 rounds. In great to perfect shape. Right handed. Only reason I'm selling is because I went to a 2-stage trigger. $100 TYD-Lower 48.
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    WTB Nock On Silverback

    I know it's a long shot but looking for a NO Silverback someone wants to sell. Let me know if you have one you want to let go of. Thanks
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    WTB Looking to buy EXO 2000 bag and lumbar pack

    I'm looking to buy 2 packs for this year... 1. Exo 2000 CI bag only in any pattern/color 2. Lumbar pack in any color with belt that will fit 36 waist. Any brand.
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    Rain pant alterations/hemming.

    Anyone have their rain pants or puffys hemmed? I've spoken to 2 local tailors and neither would do the work because of the zippers down the legs of both and the insulation in the puffy. I have a 30" inseam and dealing with this sort of thing is becoming a nuisance. Anyone know of a good online...
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    WTB Peleton 240 XL

    Looking to buy a Peleton 240 in XL and preferably in solid color. Thanks
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    WTB Kifaru Lumbar Pack

    Looking for any of them...Tailgunner, Hellcat, Scout...any color.
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    Golite SL5 and trekking poles

    Anyone use their trekking poles as the center pole of an SL5? If so, what kind of mods did you have to do to them? If I could find a 14mm OD aluminum tube about 18” long I’d be in business. But so far it’s been nothing but frustration.
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    Minimalists--What clothes central ID, mid Oct.

    Hey guys...I'm trying to pare down how much clothing I take with me this year. All my experience has been in Sept for elk. Headed out in mid Oct, central ID and wanna shave some weight. I know there are plenty of ounce counting experts on this forum. Can you help me out with some advice? I will...
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    WTS SO LBO/Silvertip CF pole

    Heading pretty much says it all...Unused carbon fiber pole that will fit LBO/Silvertip. I set up my tent in the backyard and took it down. That was the only time the pole was used. Looking to get $80 TYD Paypal. PM for pics if interested.
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    WTS/WTT SO Cub Stove Set

    For sale or trade SO Cub stove set. This was part of s Silvertip set that I had for sale here earlier. Never used. Not burned in. Nothing at all wrong with it. It's in brand new condition. I'm looking to get $275 TYD or willing to trade for just about anything hunting related...tents, packs...
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    WTB Dan Durston X-mid 1 person

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm interested in purchasing a DD X-mid for a few upcoming trips I have planned over the next 3 months. I missed the drop and now these things are impossible to find. Willing to pay top $$$ for one.
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    WTS Seek Outside Silvertip Full Kit

    I have an unused Silvertip in brown with stove jack, factory seam sealed, and stakes. Also comes with the carbon fiber pole. Included is a Cub stove that's never seen a fire. I have $780 in this system. I'm also throwing in a Luxe inner that can POSSIBLY be used with this shelter. I've never had...
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    Any guys backpack hunting NC mountains this year?

    I've lived here here in the RTP for the last 20 years and have yet to go backpack hunting in NC mountains. Keep saying I'm going but never do. I spend plenty of time up there trout fishing but never hunting. How is it? See many people up there?
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    Full size knife?

    I know most of us go for lighter is better and so take the lightest and sometimes smallest equipment...knives included. But does anyone include a full size knife in their back country kit? I’m seriously tempted to take mine this year.
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    WTT Kifaru EMR2 with extras

    Looking to trade a complete emr2 system. I’m the second owner and took it as a partial trade for a rifle I was selling. I have too many packs to keep it. It’s in 9/10 condition. The guy I got it from says it’s never been used and it looks like it. Comes with bikini frame, guide lid, 2 chamber...
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    How many easterners headed west solo this year?

    I'm headed out for mulies by myself again this year. Seems like everybody I know thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am! Just curious to hear how many others are like minded.
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    WTB Meopta Meostar 12x50 hd

    Looking to buy a good used pair of Meostar binos in 12x50. Let me know what you got! Thanks