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  1. Beastmode


    Do you practice with the same gun you hunt with? If I could afford to have 2 of the same exact rifle in similar BC calibers and similar velocity I would probably have a 6.5 CM or 260 Rem and a 300. That's not in the budget so I get one. Does anyone practice with a rifle that is a different...
  2. Beastmode

    Big shout out

    I would like to give a big thanks to all the info on this forum and to a few people specifically. Jeff (Broz) has talked with me personally on the phone helping me with me semi custom build earlier this year. Dan (westdan) has answered many phone calls throughout the offseason about precision...
  3. Beastmode

    California is a joke

    On my way home from work this morning(working nights) I noticed a young spike bedded down about 10 ft off the road. It seemed strange so I decided to turn around and see what was going on. Just as I thought it had been hit by a car. Poor guy was laying there panting with what appears to be a...
  4. Beastmode

    Savage Rascal

    Thinking about getting my 5 year old a savage rascal. He currently shoots a 10/22 but it is a little big for him. Has anyone shot one? Probably going to put a leupold 4x28 rim fire scope on to keep weight down. Basically want a good small lightweight squirrel and rabbit gun and I'm open to all...
  5. Beastmode

    Long range bug

    So the long range bug got a hold of me. So many options out there from caliber to brand. A long range shot for me right now is 500 yards. Currently shooting a 270 wsm. It is in a remington short action. Shoots good but very limited with my loads due to the shorter remington action. I am...
  6. Beastmode

    Montana Bull

    Packed 9 miles in to a remote part of Montana. Everything came together and was able to connect on this bull. Was a great hunt. I put an arrow right I'm his crease and he ran 10 feet and stopped. He turned quartering towards me and I put another arrow in him just to be safe. Ran 75 yards and...
  7. Beastmode

    Scary yet again for California I never realized OR7 found a mate and had a litter of pups. I knew it was only a matter of time but if you thought deer numbers are at an all time low now just wait 10 years.
  8. Beastmode

    Pants for daily wear

    Prana Zion stretch. Another pant I have been trying out is the north face paramount convertible. It is pretty nice for summer scouting to be able to change from shorts to pants on the go.
  9. Beastmode

    Luci lantern

    Has anyone used one of these?
  10. Beastmode

    Snow level California

    Went for a hike with my wife this weekend in the Sierras east of Fresno, Ca. At 9,000 feet the snow was patchy. Northern aspects mainly but still patchy on them as well. I was very surprised as this is unheard of in February. These are snow conditions I'm used to seeing in late may! The ground...
  11. Beastmode

    Seek outside stoves

    Is anyone running a seek outside titanium stove? I was dead set on getting a kifaru but the weight of the SO is definitely appealing. I also want a box stove. The oval stoves are a little too flimsy for my liking.
  12. Beastmode

    Daughters new pack

    I just received my daughters new backpack. After quite a bit of research I went with the Arc'teryx altra 62. We got this pack on sale at a local store for $315. This pack comes with a very heavy duty frame for a "backpacking pack". It is a 62L pack which in a regular or tall model comes in...
  13. Beastmode


    1. What would be the best way to get cat piss off of an archery target? 2. What is the best attractant (bait) for a cat? 3. What broadhead would you recommend for small game?
  14. Beastmode

    Shelter upgrade

    I am I need of a new shelter(s) this year. My family is getting older and the copper spur ul4 is a little to small. I do not need a floor less shelter but i am considering one. I amconsidering the following ideas. Kifaru 8 man Seek outside 8 man Lbo base tarp base Adding a smaller 3 season...
  15. Beastmode

    Right, left or no helical?

    How do you fletch your arrows and why?
  16. Beastmode


    Which bowcase would you recommend and why? Thinking about getting a skb for my new energy 32.
  17. Beastmode

    New order today!

    Elite energy 32, Montana gold pure gold custom, tight spot, qad hdx, easton axis
  18. Beastmode

    Easton axis

    Is Easton still making the axis? I heard a rumor beeman makes it now with a different name...
  19. Beastmode

    Bow shopping

    Shot the energy 32 and 35 and I am speechless. Incredible bow! Draws great, good solid backwall and holds like no other bow I have shot. Extremely quiet and shoots great. Might just have to order one. I gave my fully setup 60lb destroyer 340 to my daughter and lowered it to right around 45lbs...
  20. Beastmode

    Shed dogs

    Who uses shed dogs? We are getting a new family dog next weekend and considering getting in to using a shed dog. The pup is a yellow lab with a strong bird hunting and search and rescue background.