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  1. Calcoyote

    Cargo Trailers as poor man's 5th wheel- Cold Weather non res hunting ideas.

    That is my thinking too. I live in Oregon and hunt in Colorado some years. The idea of pulling a trailer over several hundred miles of icy roads for a late season hunt does not appeal to me. The extra weight of the wall tent in the back of my truck gives better traction for the rear end...
  2. Calcoyote

    WTS Lowa Tibet gtx sz 10.5 $280 Returned please delete

    This really is a good deal. I just bought a pair of Crispi's this week or I would be going for it. Someone needs to snatch this deal up.
  3. Calcoyote

    Found a good Montana Whitetail

    I wound not have passed on that one. Very respectable buck. Bigger than the one I knocked down in Idaho last month.
  4. Calcoyote

    Wyoming’s Wilderness Area Nonresident Restrictions

    I am very inconsistent on this issue. As a non-resident of Wyoming it makes me furious that I cannot hunt on wilderness land without a guide. Over the last 3 decades I have spent many nights on wilderness land and have the experience and knowledge to safely do so. On the other hand, if I were...
  5. Calcoyote

    Those who favored Meindl Perfekt Hikers

    I sold them about a month ago to a guy online. He is really happy with them. Thanks for asking.
  6. Calcoyote

    Best 243 bullet for deer hunting?

    That is what I will be carrying for Idaho Whitetail this year.
  7. Calcoyote

    Best 243 bullet for deer hunting?

    I currently am using the 85g Barnes TSX in my 243 and according to the Chrono it comes out of the muzzle at 3210 fps. I would highly recommend the 95g Nosler Partition. It will produce a very impressive wound cavity and large exit wound. I know a guy that has taken 4 elk with that bullet over...
  8. Calcoyote

    Backcountry Whitetails

    Here is a question for the Idaho/Montana/Wyoming hunters: I live here in Oregon and have always hunted Mule Deer and Blacktail but I have really gotten bitten by the Whitetail bug. I hunted in Western Montana last year and LOVED it. This year I am going to be in Northern Idaho the week...
  9. Calcoyote

    Moving to Colorado

    If Grizzlies are a reason for not moving to Montana I would not be too concerned if I were you. It is my understanding that Grizzlies and wolves will eat just about anything except lawyers. Even they won't touch those. lol
  10. Calcoyote

    Do you hunt alone

    Here some reasons why I always hunt alone: The main reason is flexibility. For example last year I was in W Montana and decided to stay an extra day. I had no one else's schedule to consider. Flexible. Most nights when I come back to camp I cook and eat but once in awhile I get a hankerin...
  11. Calcoyote

    Those who favored Meindl Perfekt Hikers

    I purchased a pair of Perfekt Hunters from Cabelas before they were discontinued but purchased too wide a size (10.5 EE). They have less than 10 miles of hiking in them and are as-new condition. I listed them over on iFish and they are not selling. If anyone wants to take a look at the photos...
  12. Calcoyote

    Is Bear Spray needed in non-grizzly area?

    That was a dangerous life threatening situation so I am ashamed to confess that I laughed out loud when I read it. Over the years I have used a trekking pole for a lot of things but never to crack a bear across the nose. LOL. Still laughing as I type this... I am not against pepper spray, and...
  13. Calcoyote

    Grizzly/Black Bear Encounter Stories

    I will be laughing at this for most of the day. Oh my goodness this is funny. Have been there. Have done that. Even did it with a bear encounter once.
  14. Calcoyote

    The best state to live in for hunting

    Can a non-resident shoot multiple deer like that? My wife and I spent a lot of time in Tennessee when her mom lived there. That Central Tennessee is beautiful.
  15. Calcoyote

    The best state to live in for hunting

    This thread has been a great interest to me because I love to hunt/fish/backpack and my wife and I are fed up with Oregon. We live South of Portland and people have LOST THEIR MINDS in this state. Liberal is not a strong enough word and they are VERY intolerant and violent to anyone that does...
  16. Calcoyote

    Missing 411: Hunters

    When I try to go to the link listed in this thread to purchase this book I get the following message: This item is currently not available Can someone send me the correct link?
  17. Calcoyote

    Nu-way propane stove for a wall tent

    No problem. I will send you a Private Message with a phone number to text it to.
  18. Calcoyote

    Nu-way propane stove for a wall tent

    Could you post a photo of your stove with the heat exchanger on it? I would like to see what your set up looks like in comparison to mine.
  19. Calcoyote

    Nu-way propane stove for a wall tent

    What kind of temps were you using it in? The NuWay is NOT a wood stove. A full size woodstove puts out 80k BTUs per hour verses my Nuway which only puts out 28k. I am talking about fall/late fall hunting with evening temps down in the low 30s to mid 20s. It looks like you are from Minnesota...
  20. Calcoyote

    Nu-way propane stove for a wall tent

    A couple of thoughts about the NuWay stove. I have never tried it in my 12x14 Davis wall tent but I have used it in my 12x12 Cabelas Alaknak. The reason why some say it does not heat very much and others say it heats GREAT is contained in one word: DAMPER. I used it with no damper in Central...