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  1. Youngbuck

    T-minus 294 Days until my first western hunt

    Apologize in advance for the long post. Purpose of this thread, wanting to document everything I've done/doing, to help someone else who may be doing the same thing, and also to seek advice from some of the guys with more experience. This site is loaded with great info and has been invaluable...
  2. Youngbuck

    WTS Garmin 64 ST

    Garmin 64st. Like new with box and all paperwork it came with. Turned on and played around with it last year. Never took out of the house. Its been on the shelf since December. Only reason for selling is I've gotten used to my phone with onX and Fenix. Asking $175 tyd.
  3. Youngbuck

    Bino/tripod adapter options

    My tripod is a sirui t1204-sk, with the va-5 panhead. Just picked up a pair of Swarovski 12x50's. From the research I've been doing, seems like my only options are the outdoorsman stud with adapter or the swaro adapter with the strap. Is that correct? Are those the only two options? Seems...
  4. Youngbuck

    Choosing New Binos

    So after searching through more threads than I can count, seems like for western rifle hunting, Swaro EL 12x50's are the way to go. My question is, someone like myself, where I'm from SC, and 95% of my hunting is in the woods hunting whitetail, and who's just in the planning stages of my first...
  5. Youngbuck

    WTS MSR Elixir 2 Brand new

    Brand new MSR Elixir 2. Never used. Took out to look at and had been sitting on the shelf since. Bought last September. $200 tyd.
  6. Youngbuck

    Narrowing down the new pair of binos

    So for the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of research on a new pair of binos. After many search's on RS and many others, as well as Google...... Can someone tell me where I can find a pair of 12x50 Swarovski SLC's? 😁😁😁
  7. Youngbuck

    Anybody else have bad experience with B&H Photo

    So I placed an order for a tripod and fluid head, received email conformation, and within 15 min, received another stating my order had been canceled. So I called to ask why. I waited on hold for a couple min and was disconnected. I called back and waited for around 5 min before a guy answered...
  8. Youngbuck

    Newbie from South Carolina

    New member, long time lurker from South Carolina. In the planning stages of my first Western elk hunt in Idaho.