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    Swaros 10x32 EL or 8x32 EL

    Any opinions out there about these as compared to full size? How much do you actually lose in performance?
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    Brown Bear/ 300 Win

    Thinking about Alaska brown bear hunt soon. Have a 300wm chambered for 210 Berger VLD bullets. Defiance action carbon fiber 24" barrel and Mcmillan stock. Need info on best bullet selection?? Magazine set up for the longer OAL. Or should I move up to 338??
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    338 edge

    Looking for some input on a new build... 30 inch tube 18 lb rifle. Looking for performance to around 1500 yards. Nightforce NXS 8/32. Need some info on 300 grain bullets powder dies?? Have some Nosler 300RUM brass to start. Will be built on a Sako action Krieger bbl twisted for the...