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  1. swampthing

    Sig Sauer BDX

    Anybody have any input on how these units have been working? They just came on my radar and I am interested!
  2. swampthing

    Winterizing Bigfoot camper

    I have a 2008 bigfoot 9'6" slide in unit with the bathroom on the rear left, just inside the door. I cant locate the damn water pump for the thing. Its somewhere between the bathroom and the dinnete, as I can hear it. I have removed the dinnete seat and cant see it in there though. In past years...
  3. swampthing

    Joint Pain!!

    At 55 I don't get nearly the exercise I used to. My last coyote hunt in January had me hiking 4-6km a day for the 3 day trip. Two months later I hadn't walked more than a km so I started walking in my rural neighborhood about 3km an evening. I immediately noticed pain in my right hip. After...
  4. swampthing

    New guy from british columbia

    Happy to be part of this group and surprised I wasn't aware of it sooner. I am up in prince George, bc. I pretty much hunt all our big game and am still really choked our grizz hunt was cancelled last year as that was my favorite hunt! I do a fair bit of shooting and this year I am working on...