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    Family Calender

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    WTS Remington 1100 20g

    Sent you a pm 5 days ago.
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    Cabela’s Krotos = Athlon Ares?

    Yes they are the same.
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    SteriPen - Looking for a manual pump Water Purifier

    Platypus gravity works
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    Supertarp and annex vs mega and annex

    I have the super, if it were me i would keep the mega for the extra room.
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    Backcountry water purifier recommendations

    Platypus gravityworks, doesnt get any easier than this. Like mentioned above, put g Filter in sleeping bag to keep it from freezing. I always carry the steripen as a back up. I have a katadyn hiker that works great to but it stays at home now that i have the platypus.
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    Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10?

    I use one on a 6.5 creed works well and tracs fine
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    Im all for the rules
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    Marmot Extra 20% Off Sale Items Already 50%

    Borh my jackets shipped and already arrived!
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    6.5 CM or .243

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    Lightweight Lantern?

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    Bino/Rangefinder harness

    Badlands makes a decent one also