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  1. street

    WTB Kifaru 44mag in CB

    Looking for the 44 mag in coyote brown if any one wants to sell theres.
  2. street

    004 tag CO

    First time hunting any of these units. So far it's been good trying to learn the area and narrow down potential spots. I was out scouting the last few days. Still have a lot to learn about the area but I saw a ton of deer and quite a bit of bucks. The units turned out to be quite a bit...
  3. street

    Favorite State

    What has been your personal favorite state to hunt in the west? And why?
  4. street

    Water sources

    What's your guys opinion on how much more important water sources are to deer in the west as compared to deer in the midwest/wet climates. I think the vegetation provides the deer a lot of hydration in those wet climates, how much is that the case out west do you think?
  5. street

    Glassing point entrance

    Interested to hear peoples strategies on how you enter the spot you plan to glass in the morning. I think first off you need a spot, of course, and then you plan out your route. But I'm wondering what are some things you're thinking about as you plan your route so you try and get in there...
  6. street

    Buck Tracks

    Originally I come from mostly a whitetail hunting background. One of the big tactics we use is studying tracks and learning how to identify buck tracks and what we can learn from them in the field. So my questions I have are. What are your experiences with studying the sizes of buck tracks...
  7. street

    Mule Shed hunting

    I'm not sure if this is the proper location to post this or not so I apologize if it isn't. I was out shed hunting for the second time this year. Finally found a couple good ones. Anyone else really into shed hunting? Curious what peoples tactics are. I've read some articles on it but...
  8. street

    Rocky areas

    How rocky is too rocky mule deer? Is it more about the lack of non rocky areas? Read an article on gohunt and someone said mule deer like rocky terrain but not "sheep" rocky. So where precisely do you think the line is drawn?
  9. street

    Solo hunter

    How many of you guys solo hunt? What are the main challenges of solo vs not solo? Main solo advantages? Which do you enjoy more?
  10. street

    Hunt Application

    Hi guys, First time poster here so go easy on me. First off I just want to say that I'm happy to be here and I'm hoping to learn a lot from the community and I hope to reciprocate with some of my deer knowledge as well. I just moved to CO from MN so I've been putting in the research to find...