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  1. passinggas33

    3 point muledeer genetics

    We are very similar to wytx on our family ranch in Utah (8,000 acres). We’ve been culling for years as well, but we’ve actually started to see a difference. Part of this process though is that we only shoot one “trophy” buck each year. Hopefully allowing the other trophy bucks to spread their...
  2. passinggas33

    Leupold VX-5 HD Tracking (Opinions on Huskemaw?)

    This is more out of curiosity than anything else, but are these failures happening on guns with higher recoil? Or are they failing on all guns regardless of recoil? When I’ve looked into this, often the tracking seems to fail after taking a good pounding from the bigger magnum guns. Just curious...
  3. passinggas33

    Bullet choice for moose/brown bear in 300 mag

    I’m not an Alaska resident nor have I been there enough to consider myself an expert, BUT I have had fantastic results from the 200gr AccuBond as well. I shot my last moose with 212 Eld-x and got the infamous grenade result. So I went back to the AccuBond like I had done before. I actually just...
  4. passinggas33

    New Gear for 2020?

    I would agree that full length zip off bottoms would be huge. And in a solid color. I like the Kuiu but wish they were full length and I don’t really care that they are camo. Nobody/no animal sees them except my tent partner.
  5. passinggas33

    Stone Glacier 2020 Offerings

    Anybody get a chance to see what Stone Glacier is offering new in 2020? I noticed a large base camp tent and some tan colored clothing? I’m assuming they will have some rain gear. Any other thoughts or insider info?? Just curious and I’m way to impatient to wait 😬. Not that I need any other...
  6. passinggas33

    Questions on dies

    There were some 280ai dies for sale in the classifieds just the other day. Those would probably be great to get you started.
  7. passinggas33

    WTS Cabelas Krotos Spotting Scope

    Free bump for a great affordable spotter!
  8. passinggas33

    Sold 10x42 HD Vortex Razors - $600

    Price Drop - $575 - Great deal for somebody. Selling to finance new project.
  9. passinggas33

    Sold 10x42 HD Vortex Razors - $600

    More pics showing the body with the blemishes from use. Very minimal with the most being where binos attaches to my harness. Overall great set of binos at a great site.
  10. passinggas33

    Sold Badlands Bino X $45

    Rarely used Badlands Bino X binocular harness. Just don’t need it as I have got 3. $45 TYD CONUS - PayPal F&F. PM with any questions or offers. EDIT- SPF
  11. passinggas33

    Sold Leica 1200 Rangemaster - $100

    Used Leica 1200 Rangemaster - Has been used but still works perfectly. Just upgraded to bino/rangefinder combo so no need for this. If you don’t like the price make me an offer. $100 TYD CONUS - PayPal F&F or you cover fees. Please feel free to PM with questions or offers. Also posted locally...
  12. passinggas33

    Sold 10x42 HD Vortex Razors - $600

    Vortex Razor 10x42 HD - Japanese Glass - Just got them back from Vortex with a clean bill of health and fresh cleaning by them. Some wear marks on body but glass is perfect. $575 TYD CONUS PayPal F&F or you pay fees. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks.
  13. passinggas33

    Sold Vortex Razor 10x42 - Plus Rangefinder

    Binos only thing left for sale. $600
  14. passinggas33

    Misplaced Post - SORRY - Cabela’s Krotos 15-45x65mm - SOLD

    That’s good to know. I was under the impression that it was, as that was what the Cabela’s guy had told me. He said that they and Athlon were made in the same factory and it just was based on what label they put on it. BUT, that is just one guy and his opinion. Regardless, don’t want to do any...
  15. passinggas33

    Misplaced Post - SORRY - Cabela’s Krotos 15-45x65mm - SOLD

    Practically new Cabela’s Krotos (similar to Athlon Ares) 15-45x65mm - Straight version - Green/black version. In almost new condition. Been on one hunt for me but spent the time in the truck and didn’t leave. Just have too much gear. I’ve used it around the house looking at some birds and the...