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  1. street

    2 tips for mid October bucks.

    In my opinion, your best bet is hunting the same areas putting in the time to figure it out. I'm a firm believer there is no substitute for time, and hunting is no different, especially October bucks.
  2. street

    Favorite Podcast

    Jordan Peterson
  3. street

    Deer hunt Colorado

    That's correct
  4. street

    Deer hunt Colorado

    Do the research. Or get a guide.
  5. street

    WTB Kifaru 44mag in CB

    Looking for the 44 mag in coyote brown if any one wants to sell theres.
  6. street

    Wolf pack in CO

    Wikipedia is, in general, a very accurate source. It is essentially the collection of current human knowledge and is as credible as you can get when it comes to information. Of course it has its outliers with certain topics, but the site is far from conjecture.
  7. street

    Wolf pack in CO

    Right, anyone with any basic knowledge of Game Theory knows you would never want to drastically change the population of either predators or prey.
  8. street

    To buck or not to buck

    I focus one. Hunt them down. I'm way too obsessive and I have to focus on one hunt. That's part of why I hunt also.
  9. street

    Another good wolf study impact on game populations

    Just so it's clear about this specific thread. This is an article, not a study. I don't doubt there is validity in those numbers but it's common scientific practice to disclose methods for acquiring the data as well as giving, at minimum, error bars.
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    Merry Christmas to All of Rokslide

    Merry Christmas all! Blessings to everyone and their families
  11. street

    Colorado 4th Season Unit 444

    You're in the wrong state if you want solitude. Good luck next year.
  12. street

    What footprint is it

    Did you see claws in any?
  13. street

    What footprint is it

    Wolf imo
  14. street

    Howdy from the Front Range.

  15. street

    Hunt "The Best General Units in Wyoming" Every Year

    I am definitely believing in what robby has said about hunting the same average unit every year is the ticket, especially now days when specific units and states are pretty much advertised. It seems like the mass urban development and boom of social media into the hunting world has localized...
  16. street

    2019 MT

    Gotta mount that cactus buck!
  17. street

    FNG from Colorado

    Welcome from Erie
  18. street

    The ‘06 Spoke

    Nice work!