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  1. Steve O

    New Stone Glacier Base Camp Tent “SkyDome”

    Interesting. Has a stove jack. Anyone have a weight or price?
  2. Steve O

    Randy Ulmer 2019

    Always impressed with big mule deer. More impressed with big archery mule deer. Most impressed with consistent over many states, big archery mule deer! Amazing.
  3. Steve O

    WTS Hoyt RX1 Ultra

    Like new 60-70#, 28-31” RH. Includes Hoyt QAD rest, Hoyt RWX 5 Arrow detachable quiver, Hoyt stabilizer, peep, loop, and IQ One sight. Bow was set up and hung on a hook...$1050 TYD
  4. Steve O

    Best September EVER!

    I’ve had some great Septembers over the years. I had hoped this September, my 50th on this earth would be the best one. Last December, for Alaska, as always I put in for the September Musk Ox hunt on Nunivak Island. Additionally I put in for a couple Mountain Goat units on Kodiak Island. I love...
  5. Steve O

    For Sale: DeLorme InReach Explorer

    I bought this a while back for hunts where I would not have cell service. I used it for exactly two trips this month and it is in perfect condition. Worked great, just don’t anticipate any more remote hunts for quite a while. $222 TYD Now I know most of you will want to keep...
  6. Steve O

    Great new moose hunt dvd; “Chasing Solitude”

    One of my good friends spends 3-4 weeks almost every year solo up in Alaska studying, filming and killling moose with his recurve. He has put this together on DVD. It’s got incredible scenery and big bull footage...makes you feel like you are at his side. It’s available along with his book at...
  7. Steve O

    Sitka Apex

    I was able to go to SCI this year. While I was at the Sitka Gear booth I spent a lot of time going over the new Apex pieces. Talking with the Sitka folks from Bozeman was very interesting. As you would assume, they all hunt, and most of them bow hunt. They hear our cries for QUIET clothing...
  8. Steve O

    PhoneSkope IPhone 6+ w/Otterbox

    $25 tyd
  9. Steve O

    Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Pad

    Used one long weekend by my daughter crossing the Grand Canyon. Perfect condition. Specs are 6’ x 21.5” x 2.5” $100 tyd
  10. Steve O

    TrophyLine Tree Saddle Package

    Bought and set this up for elk wallows but I have too much fun chasing bugles. Ambush Tree Saddle Size Large with side pouch/bottle holder. This has never been hunted out of, basically new. “Platform” 1 is 4 strap on steps in one. “Platform” 2 is 3 Steppladder steps Bridge and knee pads...
  11. Steve O

    Sitka Ascent Vest

    Like new. Of course SubAlpine pattern. $70 tyd
  12. Steve O

    Sitka Bivy 45 TALL

    Rare tall version of the Bivy 45. Excellent condition and includes lid. I am 6’1” and needed the tall which they only made twice I believe. This was the latest version and is in the Open Country pattern. If you are 6’ plus you will be impressed how much better this rides than the standard...
  13. Steve O

    I Love Kodiak Island

    Someday I will hunt bears there. Someday I will hunt goats there. For now, I am incredibly thankful for the Sitka Blacktail deer I can hunt there as a working man DIY hunter. I’ve hunted them in early August, I’ve hunted them in early November. This year, my son is a freshman in college and...
  14. Steve O

    Mountain House meals

    Mountain House meals--Sold 3--Rice and Chicken 1--Spaghetti 2--Beef Stew Pro Pack 1--Mexican Rice & Chicken 3--Chicken Fajita Filling 1--Scrambled Eggs & Bacon $60 tyd for the lot
  15. Steve O

    Elk101 Email about new elk video

    I got an email this morning about Corey's new film "The Linguists". Gave it a watch and it is excellent. It has a great mix of the old legends on up to today's youth. Here is a link in case my copy/paste job of the email doesn't work: The Linguists - YouTube Hi Steven, It's official...
  16. Steve O

    Sitka Dynamic Rewarming Drill

    I got my monthly email from The Journal of Mountain Hunting yesterday and as usual it was full of interesting stuff. One of the tidbits was a YouTube video comparing synthetic to merino in the rewarming drill. I've always been a merino guy, comparing it to each new generation of synthetic base...
  17. Steve O

    Gore Hiking Sock

    I've got a couple friends who are Sitka "athletes". At the Iowa Deer Classic this spring they clued me into some socks they tested last fall. They said they were great both in the rubber boots they wore deer hunting and in their elk hunting mountain boots so I picked up a couple pair. I'm on...
  18. Steve O

    Kifaru Gen1 Hanging Meat Bag & Med Pod

    Gen 1 Hanging Meat Bag, never used. $35 TYD Gen 1 Medium Pod Foliage, excellent condition $30 TYD Buy both for $55 TYD
  19. Steve O


    For the past month or two I keep getting these "thanks" notifications. What's the story on this? We are supposed to click on something when we read a helpful post? Does that help the admin? Does it help me or the clicker dude? Not complaining, just wondering where it came from and why.
  20. Steve O

    FS: Kifaru Complete Bikini Setup

    I'd like to sell this as a package. All bags/pouches are like new, frame is in excellent condition. 26" Highlander Bikini frame; standard composite stays. Medium belt. 7000 HighCamp bag in Highlander Guide Lid in Highlander Large Pocket in Highlander Medium Pocket in Highlander (2) Belt...