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  1. *zap*

    WTS/WTT Mystery Ranch Guide Lite with Mule bag, medium/foliage.

    Very good condition. No stains, rips and everything functions as it should. $280 tyd. Fast shipping. PayPal payment and f&f preffered, check my feedback! Trades considered: Solid color peloton's with hood....XL. Solid color Kuiu jackets with pit zips/hood....XL Solid color First Lite Uncomphage...
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    WTS Sitka core 1/4 zip heavyweight, subalpine XL.

    Like new never worn hunting, no hood.. Will post pictures this evening. $75 ytd.
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    I heard somewhere that woton has a bio weapons research facility that was quarantined. Then read some research about programs to alter the bat virus so it could infect humans back around 2015. I guess there is all kinds of bio weapon research going on all across the world? If you can transmit...
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    WTS/WTT Uncomphagre jacket, Fusion in Large.

    Trade a Large fusion Uncomphagre jacket for a solid color in same size Uncomphagre jacket. Mine is in excellent condition, barley worn and never on a hunt. Or, sell for $165 tyd. Can text pictures but it looks like brand new.
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    Big Day in Virginia.....

    Live feed:
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    WTS sitka fanatic vest 2XL...excellent condition.

    $145 tyd, fast shipping. Vest is very good, could pass for new. Too large for me.
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    WTS First Lite Uncomphagre Vest xxl ASAT.

    Very good condition, just to big for me. I can text pictures for now and I will post some later in the day. $90 tyd. Ships Fast.
  8. *zap*

    Kifaru Bag on Stone Glacier frame?

    Anyone done this? How did it work as far a functionality? Thanks in advance.
  9. *zap*

    Sleeping Pad Patch?

    My older therm-a-rest expedition pad has a hole on the top, the material is a soft, cushier material. Wondering about the best thing to use to patch it? Thanks in advance.
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    Cool Outdoors Videos.....

    I love cool outdoors videos, not just hunting but doing really cool stuff outdoors. Anyone have some of these to post up?
  11. *zap*

    Night ruck additional lighting:

    Just did a short night ruck and tried a new light. Headlamp is a must but if you set it to see a little bit ahead footing can be tricky and if you set it for footing seeing ahead may not be the best...tried the Milwaukee red lithium rover pocket flood light clipped onto my pack waist belt...set...
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    exped downmat xp9 lw?

    Anyone have any first hand experience with this mat? If you loose the pump bag can you still inflate it? General performance ratings? thanks.
  13. *zap*

    Hill People Gear stove?

    Watched a video of the HPG shepherd stove, looked pretty good to me. What happened to these stoves as far as sale?
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    WTS/WTT Sitka equinox with tags attached...36.

    $125 tyd f&f... or trade for/toward Timberlines in 34/35 Tall can be used but need to be tall do not care about color/camo. Also interested in Kuiu pro's or attacks in 34 and would really like the older Kuiu pant that has double cargo pockets on both legs and knee pads in 34. Can text pictures...
  15. *zap*

    WTT Kuiu Attack's 36 for 34.

    Need a 34/unaltered inseam length. Really want the older pro? pant that has two cargo pockets on either leg and knee pads but will trade for attacks or pros, can add $ for pros. Mine are verde with normal small amount of pulls 36 with unaltered inseams. Pics soon or can text them to ya!
  16. *zap*

    WTB Stone Glacier Serac or Access, bag only.

    Please message me if you have one for sale, thanks.
  17. *zap*

    WTB Kuiu peleton 97 hoody.XL or XXL.

    Looking for a few of these, would like moderate priced any color/camo and I do not care about pulls or appearance. Do not want anything that is badly torn up.
  18. *zap*

    WTS First Lite Sanctuary Bibs...2xl.

    Fusion, very good-like new condition. Can text pictures. $240 shipped tyd, prefer f&f payment.
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    Missouri Whitetail Hunt......11/27- ?

    Planning a out of state diy public land archery hunt, camp out, otc tags....2 buck and two turkey tags for $225. The area has free campsites, vault toilets and frost free water hydrant. I would not mind some decent jackasses, drunks or druggies welcome. Apply via PM.
  20. *zap*

    WTS Moonstone Mountaineering Down Bag, long 40 degree.

    Actual measurements are 7' top to bottom, 27" shoulder and 16" at bottom. This is an 'actual' 40 degree bag, think it was rated at 30. Good condition and loft, minor repair at bottom of zipper....everything functions as it should. Bag and storage sack in picture, no stuff sack. $90 tyd.