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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    This is some good stuff. Thanks.
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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    Shot it at 100 to sight it then moved to 225 and can hit a fist/apple size target at that range most every time and I'm not exactly the best shot. It has the factory Bushnell scope with a super heavy reticle that is mounted on a rail. Crazy. Nice shooter, easy on the shoulder. Looking to get...
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    Drop hunt

    Folks forget that people have personal expectations. A LOT of people like drop camps - a group of guys getting together and going hunting without worrying about lodging, carrying game out, etc. There is a lot to be said about having a camp in place to go to. Knowing it is public land with...
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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    I just got some RCBS dies for 243 and ordered a small box (50) of the 90 gr Sierra Game Changer bullets for reloading. I have mostly 1x fired Federal brass been saving. 4350 powder from loading 3006. Rifle is 22 inch barrel Rem 770 that keeps Bluebox Federals inside 4 inches at 225 yards...
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    Pronghorn Hunting in Wyoming

    PM - private message. click on Zac's screen name and it should give you an option to message him. Special tags are a draw that costs a couple hundred $ more than regular full price tag. I did a doe only hunt and saw more bucks - regretted not getting buck tag. I was wanting a 1 and done kind...
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    PSA... Optics Planet

    I've purchased some stuff from OP and haven't had to return anything. Ditto for Camera Land and SWFA.
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    WTS Vortex Razor 11-33x50

    $600 TYD I yr old, as new condition.
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    WTS Vx3i 2.5-10x40

    1 season old, has light ring marks from being on rifle. Nothing wrong with scope. Decided I want a bdc scope and Leupold has had the custom shop down for some time. Buying a scope that has bdc. 300 TYD Or best offer.
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    Quebec Whitetail

    The photos I've seen of Quebec WTs have not been trophy animals - kind alike Anatcosti - seems like folks go to shoot stuff, not get record book animals.
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    Realistic Expectations for Mule Deer

    I was trying to figure out what to shoot and expect last year. It really comes down to what'll make you happy. I had decided a 3x3 or better in the 120 and up or better range was preferable for my first, possibly only Mule deer. Then came hunt time. I was sick, another guy was sick and left...
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    Are we in a hunting bubble?

    I'm in Orlando. They say we are growing at 1,500 folks per week and projected for the next 20 years. Don't know where we're gonna put em all. Driving is still somewhat manageable around here. Societal changes is a good way to put it.
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    Are we in a hunting bubble?

    This was well written and conveys a lot of what I see as truth. Funny how you say the 50 & up crowd doesn't count - I resemble that and feel exactly that way. Instead of helping maintain us, they keep trying to modify everything to fit the new age folks and further alienate the large group of...
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    Bag and pad systems

    I ended up getting a -20 Browning mummy bag and a 0 Coleman square bag for our trip last year - night temps were from 20 to - whatever (heater did not warm tent on coldest nights but would if it was say 0 or above). Neither I nor my aged father had any issues with the bags - dad used the 0...
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    Polarized Sunglasses

    I use the $15-$25 ones from Walmart. Had a $200 pair of Rayban get swiped and swore I'd not do that again. Amber/brown for fishing contrast, darker for driving. As for hunting - you could get a nice pair of ambermatics - yellow lenses that tint according to sunlight.
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    Are we in a hunting bubble?

    It does seem to be a bubble with an artificial influx of hunters - many, many guys are asking "how do I hunt with 0 points", "where to go OTC", "where to take my dad, sister, cousin on a big game hunt now", etc.. That's not a long term mentality. More serious folks are doing the research and...
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    Do States care about point creep?

    The guys who quit the point system are quickly replaced by new guys wanting to go. And in the end there are more new guys than the old ones who dropped out. I am collecting for 1, maybe 2 future hunts and then will not be playing the game after that. My dropping out will have 0 affect on the...
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    Do States care about point creep?

    I don't think the point system is or will be a hindrance to hunter recruitment - most guys seem to just want to hunt and will go as able as opposed to feeling that the very top tiered places should be available to everyone. We have tons of guys saying that they want to get in line and have a...
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    Do States care about point creep?

    Point creep is cause demand far exceeds supply. So the guy who got there 10 yrs ago and said this hunt is worth waiting 10 years for should hand over his points and go to a pure random lottery cause a handful of exuberant fellows do not want to wait and need to have the opportunity to go now...
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes

    You really need to let this go.
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    Length of blood trail

    Had 1 buck go about 150 yards with dbl lung (2018 had 2 just flop over & die from same exact shot). Some deer just plain have a will to live.