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  1. Chordeiles

    Eberlestock Destroyer for early season?

    Good attitude. I’m sure you and your pack will do fine. Good luck.
  2. Chordeiles

    Lightweight pants suggestions

    On Clearance now at local Walmart for $15😍
  3. Chordeiles

    SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear 2019

    Good, thorough review! Thanks.
  4. Chordeiles

    Plythal on camofire

  5. Chordeiles

    Plythal on camofire

    It’s been a while. Any updates on Plythal?
  6. Chordeiles

    Vest Recommendations

    The Skre Hardscrabble vest would be worth looking at. I don’t have the vest but do have the Hardscrabble jacket. About as quiet as you can get without going full on fleece.
  7. Chordeiles

    Dual purpose chest binos.

    10X is all I use........East and West.
  8. Chordeiles

    Jumping ship from OnX to Gaia

    I have Basemap as well. Never use it. Waaaay too slow. They do have better satellite imagery but that is it.
  9. Chordeiles

    Jumping ship from OnX to Gaia

    Made the switch last year. Gaia is top tier IMO. OnX would be cheaper, if they didn’t provide free service to anyone that has a YouTube “hunting” channel or podcast.
  10. Chordeiles

    Polarized Sunglasses

    Costa 580G (Glass) or 580P (Polycarbonate)
  11. Chordeiles

    Combining Insulation Jackets

    I wear a Sitka Flash pullover on top of a synthetic mid layer and merino base layer, while being active. When stationary, I’ll add a 700 fill down jacket. This system kept me warm, on multiple negative wind chill days, in Eastern Montana this past season. Edit: On the coldest of days, I added...
  12. Chordeiles

    One and Done?

    Went once, about nine years ago. Haven’t really had the urge to go again. Probably would be different if I had actually SEEN an elk on that trip. At 48 years old, between hunting Mule deer and mountain Whitetails, I’m good.
  13. Chordeiles

    First Mule deer hunt

    Montana is the only western state that I hunt. Rifle only.(can’t help you there) Hunting Open-Country Mule Deer by Dwight Schuh is a good read.
  14. Chordeiles

    What's your Whitetail snack of choice!

    Cliff bars Jerky Copenhagen
  15. Chordeiles

    Best Mule Deer Rifle

    7mm Rem Mag........because it hasn’t been mentioned yet. 😎’s what I use.
  16. Chordeiles

    Are your hunt clothes settled?

    I’m pretty much at the same point. I have my jackets covered but looking to pick up some down pants. I’ll also be getting a pair of the EB Guide Pro work pants........when they go on sale.
  17. Chordeiles

    Sitka Gun Sling or Kifaru Gun Bearer

    Another Kifaru fan here.
  18. Chordeiles

    Boots for Stand / Box sitting

    I picked up a pair of these, a few years back. I tried the Arctic Shield booties, they didn’t cut it for me, these keep my feet warmer. They are a lot bulkier but if I’m stand hunting in the late season (rarely happens), I usually don’t have to carry them very far. For the majority of my late...
  19. Chordeiles

    Puffy pants

    Do these run true according to the chart? Is a large= 36”-38”?
  20. Chordeiles

    (HELP) Get B.O. out of hunting clothes!

    X3 on the Borax If that doesn’t work.......toss em. Works great for preserving turkey fans.😎