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    NovaGrade coupon code?

    Anyone know of one?
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    WTB Want to buy kowa 664m and eyepieces, ...big eyes...

    Need two 664m scopes and two 30x wide angles and one zoom eyepiece. Building a set of Big eyes but want to be able to remove one to throw in the pack I need manufacture dates or serial numbers to be close on the scopes. Kev
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    Looking for used kowa 664m and eyepieces

    Looking to buy two spotters and 2 30x wide angle and one zoom eye piece. Spotters must be close in manufacture date or serial #.
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    I want to build big eyes, opinions wanted.

    Seriously considering building 65 mm big eyes. After much thought it seems like the kowa 664 is gonna be the best bang for the buck when comparing to the swaro hd spotter. I'm open to opinions. Also interested in used kowa 664 and wide angle 30x eyepiece if you have them. I'd seriosly...
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    Budget sleeping pad

    Looking at some sleeping pads. Klymt static v has been mentioned a lot here and is tempting but I'm a side sleeper and I'm not sure it's thick enough. I know they have the v luxe but it's too wide and heavier. Would no be ok side sleeping on the static v? Any other reliable value pads anyone...
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    WTS Leupold bx5 Santiam 15x56

    Sold Brand New, just got from Leupold to replace my old switch powers. Have not been in the field although I will probably take them out to do some glassing until they sell. $1200 Face to face, add $25 TYD Cross posted.
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    Southeast AZ Coues Country

    New guy from Sierra Vista AZ. Love to hunt, fish, hike and camp. Lucky enough to have a wife that loves the outdoors and also hunts and we have 5 kids who also enjoy the thrill of the outdoors. Want to get more into backpack hunting and was told to come over here to learn a bit more about gear...