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  1. MadDawg

    50 Yards and Durable Targets.

    Anyone practice out beyond their normal hunting range? This is one of my groups at 50. And does anyone know of a more durable target? I bought this bag two weeks ago today... :oops:
  2. MadDawg

    20 Feet Up a Tree

    I had to write an essay for my English class. The assignment was to write about our favorite place. In our essay we could not tell how we felt, we had to show it, and in showing our feelings, we had to associate at least 3 of the 5 senses.(taste, feel, sound, smell, sight) Since my college is a...
  3. MadDawg


    I posted this in the whitetail forum, but I thought the mule deer guys could use it too! EASY DIY SKULL MOUNT HANGER
  4. MadDawg


    Hey guys! I came across a diy skull hanger idea online (maybe even on here, I cant remember), and I decided to try it. I bought all the stuff needed and I built it, but I quickly realized there was a much quicker AND easier way! First just put one screw into the top hole. The reason I use...
  5. MadDawg

    I went to the dark side..

    Well everyone, after a lot of debating with myself... Im a mental nutcase, I know.... I finally decided to do it.... Sell my recurve. JUST KIDDING:LOL:. But forreal I have decided to run 4 inch vanes off a bear weather rest just for kicks this season and see how it works. I decided since...
  6. MadDawg

    WTS Kryptek valhalla pants

    Hey guys im selling my well used pair of kryptek valhalla pants. I aint gonna lie, these things have been worn. And I wear the snot out of clothes. I bought these used and they were too big to begin with but I just went ahead and wore them since they were what I had. They have little thread pull...
  7. MadDawg


    Hey guys im selling my sitka ascent backpack. I bought this a few years ago for a moose hunt and have since outgrew it. it is still in near perfect condition as far as I can tell. There is one small stain inside which I will post up. Im just selling so I can get a bigger pack. Im asking 150$ tyd
  8. MadDawg


    Hey guys, just trying to get some input. Ive been looking for a pair of everyday pants that are lightweight for college and stuff. Ive really been looking into kuhl and ll bean cresta pants. I would love to hear from anyone that has worn these pants. Also if you have a favorite pair that you...
  9. MadDawg

    tenzing 3000??

    Hey guys I have a question. I tried this pack on and I really love the way it fits. I like the layout as well. I think this pack will be perfect for me because I will hardly ever put it out of daypack mode. I honestly don't know if I will ever go out west, at least not for a long time anyway, so...
  10. MadDawg

    walleye fishing??

    Hey guys! Im gonna be on a fishing trip soon and there is a lot of walleye near our cabins. I just was wondering if anybody had any lures they would suggest. I bass fish a lot so I was wondering if it was a lot the same. Thanks!!
  11. MadDawg

    Bowfishing Gar below the dam!

    Hey guys, check out this neat footage my buddy and I got the other night! I killed 33 gar and my buddy got nearly that many!
  12. MadDawg

    The Ups and the Downs

    The alarm clock rang much too early for my liking. College life had already spoiled me. Not having classes until 12, meant not getting up at 5:30 a.m. I groggily punched the snooze button and rolled back over. As you can tell I'm not the most enthusiastic turkey hunter in the world. Anyway...
  13. MadDawg

    Persistence pays

    Hey guys! I posted this in the trad bow section but I figured it fit just as well here. Since turkey season is here I thought it only appropriate to do a little writeup of my recurve turkey kill. Its not this years hunt but man just thinking about how it all went down gets me fired up for more...
  14. MadDawg

    Persistence pays

    Hey guys! I thought since thunder chickens are starting to gobble, it would be appropriate to do a neat little writeup of my recurve turkey hunt. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!! Please let me know if theres any way I can make it better. Good luck to everyone...
  15. MadDawg

    Calling coons?

    Anybody done it? If so, got any pointers?
  16. MadDawg

    Big Recurve Killed Doe!

    Hey guys. I killed this really nice doe yesterday with my recurve! This deer is really neat, I call her a partial piebald because its probably the closest thing to a full blown piebald ill ever get :LOL: Anyway check out my channel and give me a follow!
  17. MadDawg

    Trapping season 2018

    So I already posted a couple cats but I decided to just start a trapping thread for my season. Got the first big yote of the season this morning. - - - Updated - - -
  18. MadDawg

    First cat of the season!!!

    Caught my first cat of the season this morning. Lots and lots of spots!:cool:
  19. MadDawg

    Iso wooltimate pants

    Im looking for a pair of wooltimate pants size 36. Thanks!
  20. MadDawg

    recurve whitetail doe

    Hey guys, heres a nice doe I killed last night with my recurve bow. Hope y'all enjoy! Be sure to check out my other videos as well!YouTube