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  1. eamyrick

    WTS Short Ovis Kestrel Knife

    Short Ovis Kestrel Knife. Cleaned a few birds and carried on several hunts. $80 shipped.
  2. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Early Exo Mountain Gear Pack (Pre K2) Tan

    TRADED. Picked up a like new early Exo Mountain Gear Pack (Pre K2) in tan. Belt is size small. Would like to trade for nice 3 man backpacking tent, first lite large tall corrugates (solid), etc. TRADED.
  3. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Jim White 2.0 Panhead

    Excellent condition recently purchased Outdoorsmans Jim White 2.0 panhead with plate. $235 shipped.
  4. eamyrick

    WTS GA Precision Crusader 308

    I am listing this rifle for sale for my good friend and hunting buddy. He is meticulous with his gear. He has a GA Precision (GAP) Crusader in .308 for sale. It includes the scope, rings, level, 2 extra 10rd mags, and harris bipod with feet. The scope is a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14, illuminated TMR...
  5. eamyrick

    Ring Question (Hawkins Hybrids)

    Just picked up my custom 280 from Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles. I ordered the long action Hawkins Direct Mount rings to keep the setup lightweight but the spacing doesn’t fit the tube on my NF 2.5-10x42. Right now I’m thinking Talley Extended Lows unless anyone has any other suggestions.
  6. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Harris SBRM 6-9

    Harris SBRM 6-9 Swivel Bipod. Excellent condition. Never fielded. Sold Pending Funds.
  7. eamyrick

    Who is hunting Texas Mule Deer this year?

    I'm heading out for a week 11/29 right outside of Big Bend State Park. After watching a 5x5 walk at 700 yds last year I'm hoping to connect. I also think i covered too much ground last year while I should have stayed put and glassed from the high point I picked out. Anyone else Mule Deer...
  8. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody XL

    New without tags, never worn, Patagonia Nano Hoody. Size XL. Willow Herb Green. Want to trade for like new down jacket ideally Patagonia down sweater size large or something from Kuiu/Sitka size XL.
  9. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Manfrotto 700RC2 Head and Swaro Bino Mount

    Lightly used Manfrotto 700RC2 Head and Swaro Bino Mount with Swaro Stud. $110 shipped.
  10. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT McMillan Game Hunter Edge Remington Long Action

    I have a new from McMillan, Edge Fill, Game Hunter Stock inlet for Remington BDL Bartlein #3 Contour, Factory Lug, Color Black. SOLD
  11. eamyrick

    When does it start to suck?!??

    I’ve been doing pre season training hikes with 40-65lbs. Yesterday I did 80lb for 9 miles. Usually I forget I’m carrying something sub 50lbs and 65lb isn’t bad but I was fully aware the entire hike with 80lb. I’ve read tons online and listened to countless podcasts regarding packing weight but...
  12. eamyrick

    Bipod vs Shooting Bag

    I’ve noticed for most hunting situations it can be a real pain to use a Bipod in the field and I feel that it gets in the way for off hand shots. I’m also pretty weight conscious. Does it makes sense to ditch the Bipod and go with a front and rear shooting bag instead for more versatility? I was...
  13. eamyrick

    1 person vs 3 person for 2 people

    2 hunts planned for this season. Desert Mule Deer and Spring Bear. Going on both trips with a buddy and planning to upgrade tents. Looking for advice on going with 2x 1 person tents vs a single 3 person tent. We are both 6’2-6’3, 200lbs. Weight seems pretty close. Primarily looking at MSR. Thanks.
  14. eamyrick

    Mesa Precision Altitude Tikka Stock Group Buy

    Mesa Precision Altitude Tikka Stock Group Buy -Manufactured by AG Composites -Approximately 27-28oz with recoil lug installed -Hardened steel recoil lug and action screws included -Options for large diameter Proof barrels and factory Tikka offerings -Group buy is for the factory Tikka bottom...
  15. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT KUIU Dry Bags

    3x Kuiu Zip Dry Bags. Never used. Largest one in photo is medium. Nalgene for reference. $34 shipped for all 3. Reference.
  16. eamyrick

    WTS Garmin Montana 600

    SOLD. Garmin Montana 600 for sale. Asking $220. It includes the factory rechargeable battery (it also accepts 3 AA batteries) and the factory usb data/charging cable. Also included is a gizzmovest brown field case. The charging cable works with any standard usb wall adapter like you would use...
  17. eamyrick

    KUIU Code

    Just bought a new Suspension and 4000 Ultra Bag and it said I could share a link and someone would get $50 off and I would also get $50 off $250. Says for first purchase. Bet it would work with wife’s email if you already have an account. Would be a good deal for someone if you take advantage...
  18. eamyrick

    WTS First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants MT

    First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants new with tags. One pair of conifer and one dry earth. Medium tall. SOLD.
  19. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT KUIU Icon Pro 3200 and Suspension

    WTS/WTT Kuiu Icon Pro Suspension L/XL and 3200 Bag. Vias 2 Camo. Excellent shape. Never hauled meat. CF frame not included. $200 shipped or trade for.... Green 2200 or 3200 Bag/Suspension Outdoorsman head MSR 3 person tent XL Solid Kelvin Lite Jacket ?