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  1. CApighunter

    Leupold mark 5 HD reticle help

    I’ve got the TMR in my 3.6-18 and have no complaints. Haven’t compared it to the pr1
  2. CApighunter

    OnX discounts anywhere?

    Just snagged one off camofire on Monday, they do have them occasionally
  3. CApighunter

    WTS Accutac Bipod

    I’ll take the Atlas. Pm me your PayPal and I’ll get you squared away. Thanks!
  4. CApighunter

    Kuiu attack, guide pants or FL obsidian or corrugate.

    I had both the FL corrugates and Kuiu attacks. The FL fit kind of weird and seemed to stretch out for me, the Attacks fit perfect every time. Worn them in temps from 15 degrees up to 80 with zip off merino base layers for the colder days.
  5. CApighunter

    WTS NightForce Rings and Base

    Would you be interested in trading the rings for the same but in medium height?
  6. CApighunter

    Crispi Idaho GTX or Schnee's Timberline

    No experience with the Schnees, but I love my Idahos. The factory insoles are junk and killed my feet, but once I swapped to superfeet I’ve had no issues. I’ve struggled with heel slip in other boots, but never with the Crispi’s.
  7. CApighunter

    Supertarp annex’s available.

    Kifaru did a run of Supertarp annex’s. Get em while they’re hot.
  8. CApighunter

    Recent Ruger m77 hawkeye accuracy reviews?

    My Hawkeye 35 whelen is a tack driver with 225 Sierra’s and RL15. I did glass bed the tang and lug though.
  9. CApighunter

    Kifaru Super Tarp

    I love mine, early season I leave it open, late season I close it up with an annex. It packs down to nothing and has kept me comfortable on cold windy nights at 9k feet.
  10. CApighunter

    Your favorite Bow Strings

    I’ve only every used ABB but I have no complaints. Always flawless, albeit not cheap.
  11. CApighunter

    Tablet for OnX

    Got the Samsung all set up with OnX and Google earth, works great! It’s a 100x better than my phone and old crappy laptop.
  12. CApighunter

    Proof Sendero Light

    I’ve got a light on my 280ai and a full sendero on my 270wsm, both are 24 inch. No regrets going with the lite, I’d do it again if starting from scratch.
  13. CApighunter

    Scope rings for Tikka t3x

    This is with the same scope and Talley mediums. It’s a little high for my taste so I’m going to try lows.
  14. CApighunter

    Hunting Stabilizer

    I put a Wick Stick micro hunter set on mine, 10 inch front and 6 inch rear. Really like it so far.
  15. CApighunter

    FOC Who has actually measured and calculated?

    Mine calculate out to 14.1% at 511 grains. They fly better than I can shoot. 260 Hexxs with 200gr up front.
  16. CApighunter

    Which Black Gold Sight? (or other brand)

    I recently picked up a 3 pin ascent verdict for my bow. Love the set up, adjustments are easy. The only issue I had was that I ran out of left adjustment and had to move the housing over. It’s my first dovetail sight and I don’t think I’d go back to a fixed style mount. 5/32 peep works just...
  17. CApighunter

    Blue Jeans

    $20 wranglers have yet to do me wrong.
  18. CApighunter

    Tablet for OnX

    I actually just bought a 2019 Tab A 10.1. Seemed to check all the boxes. Wyoming is in the cards this year so it’ll be nice to have that in the truck for easy reference.
  19. CApighunter

    Tablet for OnX

    I’ll still use my phone for the backcountry, the tablet would just be for home and truck use. Size and weight aren’t much of a concern.