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  1. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    I’m looking at Sunday March 29 at the Olathe bow range in the am and Joe’s BBQ for lunch. I need to make sure my schedule is clear that day before making it the date. Any objections?
  2. teamkabob

    Critique my gear list

    You got your plane ✈ tickets on the list! Haha looks good Heath!
  3. teamkabob

    Kifaru vs exo

    I loved the nomad and Kifaru frame. Ordered a Stone Glacier 5900 will see how it goes this summer. I had zero complaints on the Kifaru frame and bag
  4. teamkabob

    What are the best vacuum sealers for the money?

    You pre freeze your sauces in the bag or change the settings?
  5. teamkabob

    Jumping ship from OnX to Gaia

    I used Gaia in Alaska last year to run one of the rivers up north. It worked great. Taking pictures in the app is nice too. It tags the picture on the map. Helps for scouting I think. It does what I need.
  6. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    It’s free too
  7. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    Would you guys bow range is a option too just on the West side of Olathe KS
  8. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    I think before or after is a good option. I’m leaning towards before for the meet up Obviously weekends are best. Anyone prefer Saturday or a Sunday? Powder Creek for Clays is another option too and than lunch at Joes
  9. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    Joes sounds good 👌🤤
  10. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    I have one Park just south of my house that is a option and is covered and can be reserved. It’s a option in South Overland Park.
  11. teamkabob

    How to get into waterfowl hunting.

    💰🤑 I’ll jokes aside it’s really fun to be with a good hunting partner and your dog
  12. teamkabob

    North to Alaska

    Enjoy it. You will end up staying. I’m guessing your guide will tell you what you need to work for him. Bring a camera and send pictures when your done! Your going to learn a lifetime of skills.
  13. teamkabob

    MO FNG

    Welcome from KC. Your in for a treat here
  14. teamkabob

    Anyone have any portable generator recommendations?

    Honda 2000 is what I have. Sorry to side track this, can someone PM me a picture of the bigger tank hooked to their eu2000 that they are using. where are people finding parts for the HF 2000? That was the problem with my last geni, couldn’t find parts to service/repair it.
  15. teamkabob

    Spring 2016 Kansas City get together

    I started a 2020 KC area post
  16. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    Let’s look at doing a Kansas City area rendezvous for this spring 2020. Thoughts on a date best for others and where we want to do this? A lot of Kansas and Missouri people here. @mcseal2 @colonel00 @Dos Perros @*zap* @Jayhawkhunter @cocky84 @dotman @c h r i s @justinspicher just tagged a...
  17. teamkabob

    Spring 2016 Kansas City get together

    Any interest to do a KC meet up? I’m happy to help plan it and make it happen.
  18. teamkabob

    FNG from KS

    Welcome from the east side of KS
  19. teamkabob

    Are your hunt clothes settled?

    Xl? 😆
  20. teamkabob

    Favorite knives to carry for different jobs:

    Nice 👍 knives. @mcseal2 what are you using for home sharpening? I normally take mine in once a year to a professional Guy that sharpeners, but the price has gone up the last two years and I’m thinking of doing my own.