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    Checking in and wishing the best

    I've been MIA from Rokslide the past few weeks between work, working on the house (new home owner for the past few months), and enjoying my new boat (got a killer deal on a used malibu ski boat and couldn't refuse). Married, a house, and boat all in one year way to many things but all good...
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    Site Tape New Arrows Looking for Input and Thoughts

    Been shooting and MBG 5 pin slider for over three years and love it. Also been shooting the same arrows the victory rip tko's is the same fletching and tip setup. The weight of these arrows have remained consistently between 3 grains plus or minus year over year. I just got a brand new batch...
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    Nock tuning don't forget to do it!

    Just wanted to throw out a note to anyone who is in the process of fine tuning their set ups to not forget about the importance of nock tuning. I already knew how important it was but this was reiterated to me this past weekend while I was fine tuning my bow. I had a bareshaft that was flying...
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    Lucky Draw Stops

    Anyone got a chance to try these out? Saw a few reviews on archery talk but that's about it. Possibly looking at giving these a shot for an even more customized feel.
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    Colorado Mule Deer during Muzzleloader/mid september

    Hi guys, Done a bit of mule deer hunting but have yet to make it to Colorado. While working on figuring where to apply I realized that I had two roadblocks. 1) The season opens later this year and 2) My sister is getting married on the 6th of September so that takes hunting the opener out of...
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    Arrow Selection Help

    Hi guys, Currently I shoot a standard size arrow but am looking to move to a smaller diameter arrow. I was thinking about the Victory VAP or RIP as well as the new TKO versions. I currently shoot a 28inch 350 spine 420 grain total weight Victory VForce gamer arrow (Shoot 125 grain points). I...
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    Tuning Steps Question

    Hey trying to up my tuning game this year just looking for suggestions on the order in which I should do it. I recently go my bow set all to spec then bare shaft yoke tuned through paper. After completing that I have been able to get bare shaft and fetched to touch at around ten yards. What...
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    New Mexico Elk Units

    Trying to get my application strategy all set before it gets really busy at work and I'm not able to do as much research. I'm looking to draw in New Mexico and was checking out Unit 2 (a,b,c). I'm looking to hunt public land and was thinking about applying for both early an late archery. I...
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    Simulating carry a bow/gun?

    As an easterner this was a my second year hunting out west and I'm getting more an more into it. With three potential trips planned for next year I was wondering if anyone as a suggestion for simulating walking around with a bow in there hand. There are times when I find myself carrying my bow...
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    Bowtech Prodigy Microsync dial

    Any out there with a Bowtech Prodigy use the Microsync dial to adjust cam timing? If so home much a a change can I make before I need to put twists in my cables. My bottom cam is hitting about a few millimeters before my top cam and wanted to know if I can change it with the microsync.
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    .5 Inch DL increase make a difference?

    Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone could give me some input. I had been shooting great out to 95 yards hitting 6 inch paper plate to get ready for the season when the pin on my draw mod sheared. It took a little over two weeks to get one in from Bowtech and get it installed. I've had...
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    Unit 35 and 26 Colorado Verification

    Hey Guys, Put in a decent amount of research so far want to get a couple things verified before I really start to go extra crazy over maps. If someone wouldn't mind answering my questions please pm me it would be greatly appreciated
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    Colorado Unit 30 Help/Verification

    Hi guys been looking a lot into unit 30 for OTC archery elk hunting. I don't see much info out there on elk hunting the unit but I know a decent amount of people hunt it for mulies because you don't need many points to draw and that's why I've posted it here. I've got a lot of research done I...
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    Thumb release slips in humidity

    Switched over to a thumb release this offseason and absolutely love it. The only issue that I have it that when it's really humid out it feels as if my hands are slipping. Anyone ever experience this and or think that maybe putting on hockey tape or some form of grip would help. Just looking...
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    Anyone use a bow string seperator

    Looking to potential add a bow string separator tool to my emergency kit in case my peep ever falls out when I am in the field. Anyone have any experience or input on these?
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    Kill Plot Suggestion

    Looking to create a small backwoods kill plot. I can get an gas handheld tiller back there and seed spreader but know heavy duty stuff. I'm looking to create one L-shaped plot and one skinny plot. Both plots will be only 10 to 15 yards in width. The L plot will be about 60 yards long in one...
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    Leather Palm Glove Suggestions

    I'm looking for a pair of gloves for stalking with a leather palm so I don't get my hands full of thorns. Also thinking about getting a pair of knee pads as well because last year I had thorns in my knees for weeks. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Gander Mountain Liquidation Sale

    If anyone has a gander mountain near by the announced a full liquidation of all merchandise at all of their stores this week so there may be some pretty good deals out there on some odds and ends that people are looking for. Not sure what the discount will be on firearms but I hope it's good
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    Sand bags to simulate weight in pack?

    Hi all, Just got a new pack which I'm really pumped about. Looking to hike stairs with my packs to get ready to put lots of mile under my feet in search of game. I was thinking of just throwing a 40 or 50lb sand bag in my pack. Do you guys think this would be the easiest way to simulate pack...
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    Bow issue rokslider input would be appreciated

    I've been shooting my bow almost daily and it's sighted in completely fine. Yesterday I was out with my girlfriend shooting and we were both dead on no issues. This morning we went out and both of use were shooting a few inches low out of nowhere but still good groupings. Both of us were...