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  1. eamyrick

    WTS Short Ovis Kestrel Knife

  2. eamyrick

    WTS Short Ovis Kestrel Knife

    Short Ovis Kestrel Knife. Cleaned a few birds and carried on several hunts. $80 shipped.
  3. eamyrick

    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. I’ve had a Patagonia down sweater (thin outer shell/down insulation) for 7 years. I’ve worn it non stop when it’s cold including probably 50-60 days under ballistic armor and gear. Let’s call it 300 days easy. Every day I’ve had it on I’ve carried a full size...
  4. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT WTT Nightforce 2.5-10 nxs for Swaro 2.5x10 Z3

    1300 shipped on the scope.
  5. eamyrick

    Recommendations for 2nd Career

    I’ve considered getting a masters and teaching online classes. A retired game warden I know makes decent money teaching troops taking online criminal justice classes. Tons of freedom.
  6. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT WTT Nightforce 2.5-10 nxs for Swaro 2.5x10 Z3

    $1350 shipped for the scope. $1425 with the Hawkins rings.
  7. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Early Exo Mountain Gear Pack (Pre K2) Tan

    TRADED. Picked up a like new early Exo Mountain Gear Pack (Pre K2) in tan. Belt is size small. Would like to trade for nice 3 man backpacking tent, first lite large tall corrugates (solid), etc. TRADED.
  8. eamyrick

    Help build my rifle stable

    That Safari Express might need a new home for the right price! I know a guy.
  9. eamyrick

    Thinking about rifle scope change

    I have a nightforce nxs 2.5-10x42 on my 280. It doesn’t lack any magnification out to those realistic hunting distances and is bomb proof. Mine is the MOAR reticle but I can’t recommend holding using a reticle at those distances. Even 1/2 Moa of error is a lot of deviation from your intended...
  10. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Jim White 2.0 Panhead

    nothing in particular. Quality gear. Maybe lightly used 3 man lw tent.
  11. eamyrick

    WTS/WTT Jim White 2.0 Panhead

    Excellent condition recently purchased Outdoorsmans Jim White 2.0 panhead with plate. $235 shipped.
  12. eamyrick

    WTT Outdoorsman MicroPanhead for a PanHead

    Have a excellent condition Jim White 2.0
  13. eamyrick

    WTB WTB Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip with Panner

    Have a Jim White 2 pan head if that is of anything interest.
  14. eamyrick

    WTS GA Precision Crusader 308

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Update: The action is actually a GAP 7000 vs a Remington as originally posted. New prices: Rifle $1800 shipped Scope and Rings $500 shipped Bipod $90 shipped
  15. eamyrick

    WTS GA Precision Crusader 308

    I am listing this rifle for sale for my good friend and hunting buddy. He is meticulous with his gear. He has a GA Precision (GAP) Crusader in .308 for sale. It includes the scope, rings, level, 2 extra 10rd mags, and harris bipod with feet. The scope is a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14, illuminated TMR...
  16. eamyrick

    What can you tell me about this AR?

    He’s full of it. They may be $450 worth of components. It may shoot but it’s nothing special. Scope is el cheapo, the pistol grip and flash hider are the cheapest options.
  17. eamyrick

    Progress of my preparations for my Colorado sheep hunt?

    Thanks so much for sharing. I have also had some “disappointing” hunts but have to remind myself what a wonderful time I had. It can be tough to swallow especially with all of the success you read about online but I truly believe most folks aren’t successful regularly they just don’t post about...
  18. eamyrick

    Which Shotgun for all things, upland, waterfowl, and clay pigeon?

    For LOP example I do not have a very thick chest but have long arms (36 length shirt sleeves and long in everything). 15-15.25 works best for me. I could probably go longer but it can be hard to mount in the field with a vest on. You will absolutely kill more birds, especially upland hunting, if...
  19. eamyrick

    Which Shotgun for all things, upland, waterfowl, and clay pigeon?

    Do you know what your approximate length of pull is? A lot of the autoloaders and pumps are 14.25. For clays 15 is much better for me but I still do most of my duck hunting with a 12 gauge Wingmaster. I shoot a beretta onyx for clays and upland hunting. Sometimes 2 options is best.