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  1. CApighunter

    Supertarp annex’s available.

    Kifaru did a run of Supertarp annex’s. Get em while they’re hot.
  2. CApighunter

    Tablet for OnX

    Looking to pick up a tablet for the sole purpose of running mapping software on, primarily google earth and OnX. What are you guys using or would recommend? I’d like to keep it under $200, 9 inch or bigger display, and GPS capable without a cellular data plan. Always been an Apple user but I’m...
  3. CApighunter

    MR Scapegoat 25 Black- $100

    Mystery Ranch has black scapegoat 25s on sale for $100. 6 left as of 6:06 PST.
  4. CApighunter

    WTS PSE Decree 2015 RH 60-70lb $325

    Back up for sale since a buddy flaked on buying it. Selling it bare bow with the QAD Ultrarest and a brand new unused B Stinger QD. Had it tuned up last year with new ABB strings and swapped to a roller glide string guard. Black grips were installed and PSE emblems removed and replaced with...
  5. CApighunter

    School me on MBG slider sights.

    Looking at getting my first slider sight, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the S&S spec’d Ascent Verdict or a custom Pro. 3 pin configuration, with a .010 for the bottom pin. Is the pro worth the upgrade? Besides micro adjust pins what do you gain with the pro?
  6. CApighunter

    WTS Lot of Cabelas camo- Rokslide donation

    Cleaning out a bunch of old gently used camo, mostly XL, a couple L. $60 for the whole box, whatever is left after shipping will get donated to the classifieds.
  7. CApighunter

    WTS Promaster ball head-$25

    Brand new ball head, $25 shipped TYD. PayPal friends and family.
  8. CApighunter

    WTS Nikon 10x25 binos and Redfield Raider 600 RF

    Well used but perfectly functioning. Perfect backup or loaner set. $60 for the Redfield, $40 for the binos or $75 for both. PayPal friends and family.
  9. CApighunter

    WTS GS Holsters chest rig. Glock 19 and similar.

    Brand new, never used. $60 TYD PayPal friends and family.
  10. CApighunter

    WTS Kuiu Peloton 1/4 zip XXL Vias

    Gently used quarter zip peloton shirt, XXL. I believe it’s a 200 weight but not sure. $55 TYD PayPal friends and family.
  11. CApighunter

    WTS 2015 PSE Decree and accessories

    Selling my Skullworks 2015 Decree, 60-70 pound draw, currently set at 30 inches. New ABB strings last year, shoots bullet holes in paper. Upgraded to a roller cable guard and black grips. All PSE badges have been removed. Has a PSE specific QAD ultrarest. $350 shipped for the bow, rest and tight...
  12. CApighunter

    Traeger Pro 34 gen 1 for $450

    Just snagged one this morning, came to $454 and change shipped to my door.
  13. CApighunter

    High Sierra Archery Shoot- Lake Tahoe June 20

    Anyone in interested in putting together a Rokslide squad? June 20th at Homewood Ski Resort. Attached is the flyer and link to registration. Message me if you want in, squads are of 4 shooters, thanks! Ben
  14. CApighunter

    Lowa Sesto boots?

    Anyone using these? They’re on sale for $60 at Botach and seem like they’d be a decent boot for early season/hot weather archery season in CA.
  15. CApighunter

    WTS NIB Danner RAT USMC boots (12)

    Brand new in box, only tried on just not my thing. Danner RAT USMC Temperate boots size 12 regular width. They run about $350 new, asking $300. I’ll eat shipping to the lower 48 and the PayPal fees.
  16. CApighunter

    WTS Kifaru Woodsman RG

    Catch and release, bought here and used on one training hike. Awesome bag just switching to the Stryker. Great condition. Has meat shelf. $165 shipped to the lower 48.
  17. CApighunter

    Gunsmith Debacle- what would you do?

    A while back I sent a magnum pre 64 Winchester 70 to a well known smith with an excellent reputation for truing, rebarrel and reblue. I was given a turn around time of 5 weeks. I got a call after a month that my action had been destroyed in the truing process and the smith replaced it with...
  18. CApighunter

    WTS 2019 EXO K2 3500

    Selling my Exo 3500, ranger green small belt. Purchased new this spring. Approximately 20 field days of use and two pack outs. Just washed, cleaned up really nice, hardly any stains, no rips or tears. Great pack, just found that kifaru fits me better. Comes with two hip belt pouches and the...
  19. CApighunter

    WTS Gear dump- Kuiu, FL, and more

    Kuiu fleece 1/4 zip, I believe it’s a peloton 200, Vias, XXL.-$70 Kuiu Peloton 240 beanie-SOLD FL Chama, XL -SOLD Promaster ballhead, brand new-$50 GS holsters chest rig, brand new, fits Glock 19 and similar, all black-$80 Black diamond head lamp-$20 Nikon 10x25 binos- $50 Redfield Raider 600...
  20. CApighunter

    WTS 35mm Vortex PMR low rings

    Lightly used, $90 to your door. PayPal friends and family or add 3%