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  1. teamkabob

    2020 KC area MoKan Rendezvous

    Let’s look at doing a Kansas City area rendezvous for this spring 2020. Thoughts on a date best for others and where we want to do this? A lot of Kansas and Missouri people here. @mcseal2 @colonel00 @Dos Perros @*zap* @Jayhawkhunter @cocky84 @dotman @c h r i s @justinspicher just tagged a...
  2. teamkabob

    Stolen Kifaru pack

    My Kifaru E&E was taken by a savvy 3 year old. She’s gone for ever and he asks to take it to preschool. Wonder how that will go over with his teacher. Haha 🤛😎
  3. teamkabob

    AK moose hunt 2021+

    My hunting buddy and I are ready to go moose hunting in Alaska in 2021 or later for the right transport service. Question I have is, what are some good books or videos to buy/borrow that help in a DIY hunt like this. I have one moose hunting book but I would like to get some more resources...
  4. teamkabob

    MO buck Whitetail Hunt 19

    Hunted with the family for deer in Missouri. Muzzleloader was the gun of choice. Public land was the game. I got a nice 9 and two does to fill my tags.
  5. teamkabob

    Range rod for muzzleloader

    I have a TC encore 50 cal and dad has a Knight 50 cal. I’m looking for a range rod for loading and cleaning them both. Wonder if a larger rod from dewy rubber coated or Tipton carbon would work. Shooting Hornady 250gr SST, 100gr volume blackhorn, and cci mag shotgun primers. Having good luck...
  6. teamkabob

    Tikka T3x Superlite 6.5 cm fluted

    My Tikka came in today! Not bad find for $612+tax. Dad bought one in a 6.5 cm lite last fall, I had a break put on it, mounted the scope, and tested it at the MCSeal2 range in Kansas! 💨 🎯 I liked it some much I decided to buy one, that my 7mm is going to second string for right now for most of...
  7. teamkabob

    WTS Sold Eberlestock Just One J34

    Selling my trusty Eberlestock J34 pack with zip in panel. $220 shipped. I will take pictures of it soon. PayPal or Venmo
  8. teamkabob

    Who sells whole halibuts in Anchorage AK area

    Alaska friends, I leave next week to hunt Alaska for caribou. Be up there until 9/4, looking to buy halibut to bring home. New Sagaya in Anchorage is $10 whole, free cuts, and 50c to Freeze and vac. The best it found so far. Just need 24hours notice. Unless we get done hunting early and I can...
  9. teamkabob

    WTB Wtb Remington 700 bdl stock

    I’m looking for a 700 bdl stock and bottom metal for a 7mm long action. Synthetic stock. A factory one is okay if someone has one sitting around.
  10. teamkabob

    The Chinese bots

    Oh lord the bots are blowing up the news feed
  11. teamkabob

    WTS Kuiu pants 36 attack 34 Guide pants

    SOLD. Thanks
  12. teamkabob

    Alaska guide creation bino harness

  13. teamkabob

    Dress boots? No way

    I have a pair of Lowa Tibets that I decided to dye black. One reason was because my work boots have to be black or I can't wear them. Two was: I've always wanted a pair of black Tibet boots. Do I need a boot this tough for work. No, but they look good. I was a shoe cobbler in my high school and...
  14. teamkabob

    FNG from KC area in Kansas

    I'm here to learn more about western hunting to bring my goals to reality. I am active on some other Fourm when I was told about Rokslide. So here I am, must of my hunting is bow and rifle for whitetail in Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas. Also have been luck to hunt New Mexico for elk with...