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  1. justin davis

    WTS/WTT Like New Sitka Apex Pack Subalpine

    I’ll take it
  2. justin davis

    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    300 win mag .223
  3. justin davis

    Spotting scope straight eyepiece vs angled eyepiece

    I’ve had both and gone back and forth. But currently use strait. I like Angled however most of my glassing is with binos. I will use the spotter time verify size or something. I’ve found I can acquire what I’m watching in the binos quicker with strait then having to adjust the tripod for the...
  4. justin davis

    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    I have quite a few piece of sitka gear. It has always been very durable for me. Sitka has always been a great company in my experience.
  5. justin davis

    Iron will broadheads setup

    I’m shooting the regular Ironwill heads. I’m shooting a 480 grain arrow. They fly very well. And are badass broadheads. what type of critter are you hunting?
  6. justin davis

    New Backcountry Hunter- 2 Person Shelter

    I’d go with the sawtooth. Awesome shelter for two guys.
  7. justin davis

    Companies with Great Customer Service

    Ironwill broadheads is another great company with great customer service
  8. justin davis

    WTS New Stay-On Case for Swarovski ATS/ATM 65

    Look nice. I need a strait one
  9. justin davis

    WTB Looking for outdoorsman panhead

    Anyone have an outdoorsman panhead they want to get rid of?
  10. justin davis

    Outdoorsman’s Pan Head

    I’m a big fan of the panhead and the micro panhead
  11. justin davis

    Alternative NeoAir Xtherm?

    I’ve heard some complaints on the tensors durability? Also how warm are they? The xterm is pretty warm
  12. justin davis

    Sheep pack out methods

    Take sheep. Quarter and debone. Cape. Load Kifaru pack with meat and cape and horns and hike out. That’s atleast how my sheep hunt went