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  1. Beendare

    Outfitting on BLM/National Forest

    The FS is supposed to know exactly where their camp are and have it on a map. I've been in some offices where they gladly give you that info.....other offices they outright lie to you and tell you they don't know...and wouldn't give it to you if they did. My advice; Log the offices and names...
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    Positive impacts of gun ownership

    This is an article by Molly Carter on great job Molly and they allow the reprint of the article if it contains the link, which is HERE- A good read- [EDIT NOTE, this site won't take the whole have to go to to read the whole thing] American Gun...
  3. Beendare

    Bare shaft tuning a recurve

    Did you tie in 2 nocking points 1/4"- 3/8" apart? I've found that only one nok sometimes has my arrow moving on the string after release. All of the top pros at the Trad Nationals had 2 nokking points- it makes a difference. I tie mine in with thin serving so I can adjust nok point ________
  4. Beendare

    Conservation Permits

    The Trump Economy...or is it an extension of the 8 years of Obama when we just finally started to pull out of the muck.... Everybody has more disposable Tag prices are UP. I suppose we are supposed to feel bad about that extra dough, eh? _____
  5. Beendare

    Napa Valley

    The Healdsburg suggestion is a good of my favorite places. Lots of good wineries...and bring your bow you can hunt Lake Sonoma right now for hogs. Sonoma is fantastic also......and if you like champagne/whites a drive toward the coast puts you into a bunch of vineyards. Too many good...
  6. Beendare

    Bare shaft tuning a recurve

    This is a good thread illustrative of getting the other factors in line before you try to bare shaft test. Hard to say with all of the factors but my setups might act as a guide to some. Factor in these are about as high efficiency limbs as a guy can get and my strike plates put the arrow tip...
  7. Beendare

    Selfbow hunting

    I'm with NA Stickbow above. Its hard enough to kill stuff with a stick bow I don't need to handicap myself even further. I do admire the guys doing this...its a heck of an achievement. If you have a target rich environment and can set up for close reason why you can have success...
  8. Beendare

    Need some help

    I hunt with right around 50#. I can shoot a 70# bow no problem.....but only a 1/2 dozen shots or so until I struggle to hold and aim at full draw. I know guys shooting 65# bows. They typically shoot 20 shots and call it good. None of them shoot a whole field round with that bow...and very few...
  9. Beendare

    Recurve for a newish guy

    this is my 19” Dryad riser, Dryad makes some good stuff.... but so do a lot of outfits. I skinned those ILF limbs with snake skins to hide the graphics. FYI there is no discernable flex in these custom wood risers and many others are probably better looking than this one. There may be flex in...
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    Need some help

    84# compound is holding 16# at full draw....vs about 70# as mentioned above. Heres my cut and paste for new guys; Two solid strategies but first; Realize that a stick bow is a much higher degree of difficulty to shoot well/consistently. Many guys think they will roll into a 50# recurve...
  11. Beendare

    Hunting arrow build help

    Agreed. The OP never stated newbie or not. If I was a new guy I would start with a cheap 30# bow like a samick sage...then sell it in the classifieds for 80% of what he paid when he upgrades. ______
  12. Beendare

    Hunting arrow build help

    No, not updated since something like 2010. So yes, a guy has to extrapolate. There is no category for my ILF Dryad riser with Uukha Vx limbs- its SUPER high performance (grin)...even the performance recurve comes a little short. But the Stu miller is is the excel sheet on 3 rivers...
  13. Beendare

    Recurve for a newish guy

    OP, we need to know your DL to make recommendations....what is your DL with a compound? ______
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    Recurve for a newish guy

    Saying that shooting a stick bow is as easy as a compound...that its all archery? Ha! Have you been to a trad shoot lately? I can get a guy shooting softball size groups at 20 yds with a compound in 15 minutes....that just doesn't happen with stick bows....and you can go to any range or shop...
  15. Beendare

    Wolf Introduction to Colorado video

    Newto, so why don't we just let the general public determine all game management? sheesh...what a stupid idea.... The professionals at Co DOW put out a paper stating this is a bad idea...but oh, lets let folks that have no clue make the decision....ridiculous. _________
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    Yeah, exactly....I've found a few of those gear stashes like that.
  17. Beendare

    Napa Valley

    So many good tours and the Restaurants are off the chart. Lots of farm to table stuff. The main drag hwy 12 will get pretty busy on a Saturday in spring/summer [[it was 68 deg clear skies here last weekend- beautiful] but the Silverado Trail or the fringes aren't bad. If you like good cabs...
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    Questions for the knife makers out there

    Bladeforums is a great resource...and sending it out for heat treat is the best strategy, IMO. I've only done knives from blanks and saw blades and I just use a grinder but that 36" belt would be the ticket.
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    DIY Stryker Clone

    Wow...I'm stunned....fantastic work there Wood!
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    Hunting arrow build help

    Agreed^ this is a simpler version of the Stu Miller calculator. I think the problems we hear with this calculator not being accurate is due to poor data input. _______