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  1. tugrivercopper

    New phone help

    Wife got me a new phone for Christmas, it’s iPhone I previously had an android. I noticed today went on hunting trip, took some pictures etc. and it saved the pictures in a group as Monongahela National Forest near greenbrier West Virginia etc. so I am assuming the pictures have metadata on them...
  2. tugrivercopper

    Virginia 9 point

    I had missed this deer with my muzzloader, the same day I killed the 8 point i posted earlier on rokslide. I knew he was in there and I hunted hard for over week to see him again. Daylight to Dark, passed on numerous smaller deer waiting for him to show again. Decent Virginia Highland County 9...
  3. tugrivercopper

    Virginia 8 point

    Great evening!!!! I saw this buck last saturday but he ran off fighting a spike and i couldnt get no shot. The next day i passed up two 6 points and a spike waiting on him but he never showed. I guess all i needed was my two lucky charms with me!! Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  4. tugrivercopper

    Virginia Black Bear

    "If i see a big one with my bow i might kill him" thats a quote i have repeated several times over the past few years, I have killed 3 bear with a rifle when my family used to run hounds for them and seen several others while deer hunting i coulda killed with a gun. But just didnt have the...
  5. tugrivercopper

    Rokslide Member Promo Codes

    A while back someone posted asking about Rokslide member Promo codes, I had everyone compile a known list and Ispent some time searching the forum and I am making this sticky thread for everyone so that the codes are easy to find!! If you see a mistake or know of any additions please let me...
  6. tugrivercopper

    Black Hills Vacation

    Headed to Black Hills/Badlands on vacation in June. Plan to do plenty of hiking, sight seeing etc. wouldn't mind to try some fishing as well for some trout or whatever Can anyone with experience in the area Private Message me some streams to wet a line in, I would be C&R prefer trout. I have...
  7. tugrivercopper

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Well I liked hunting out west so much I done went and got me a disease named after it!! Found out a day or so ago I got Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever from a tick bite, while i was out looking for mushrooms this year. Got a rough couple of weeks in front of me from what I can read
  8. tugrivercopper

    My first turkey, sons first turkey hunt!

    I am beyond estatic today. I killed my first turkey, and done it with my 4 year old son tagging along on his first turkey hunt! I had to work them for a good 45 minutes si he got to see plenty of action, strutting, gobbling the whole 9 yards! Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  9. tugrivercopper

    Spreadsheet for Preference Points?

    Does anyone keep an excel spreadsheet or even a word document or the like, for keeping track of their preference points and due dates etc. to purchase them etc.? If so care to share?
  10. tugrivercopper


    Looks like I may not make it driving "Out West" this year for a big hunting trip, (combination of money and wife/kids wanting to go to disney since I got to go to Montana for a week last year) so I am trying to come up with some ideas for some shorter hunts/adventures to do. Looking for stuff...
  11. tugrivercopper

    Vortex Viper HD Bincoulars and Spotting Scope Review, by Glendon Mullins

    Hey fellow roksilders, As most of you know I done my first Western Big Game Hunt this year in Eastern Montana. We were hunting Mule Deer and had great success and a great time. Robby Denning hooked me up with the 2018 Vortex Viper HD Binoculars and Spotting Scope that he done some work on last...
  12. tugrivercopper

    Article Opportunity: Need members who are experinced with the following...

    I am looking for some Rokslide members who have extensive knowledge/experience with the following: 1. Towing a camper from Eastern states out west for hunts 2. Towing a trailer from Eastern states out west for hunts This is for an upcoming rokslide article, If you have experience doing this...
  13. tugrivercopper

    Any roksliders in indiannapolis???

    I may need some help, got hit by someone on interstate 70. I have over 200lbs mule deer meat and dont know what i am gonna do?? My truck may be totalled, so i may be stuck here a day or two. Could really use help, all my gear and auch id with me too on wzy back from montana Sent from my...
  14. tugrivercopper

    Black Ovis Merino base layers question

    Do the Black Ovis merino base layers (that are on camofire right now) fit snugly or are they kinda like saggy? I cant figure out based on the picture, in the picture they look like they would give ya a major case of saggy ass? perhaps it just the photo they use though? My current baselayers are...
  15. tugrivercopper

    Arrows for a beginner

    What are an economical, not very expensive arrow for a beginner? Don't want to invest in a dozen gold tips etc. for somehting i may not even totally get into......or will i regret going cheaper and become so frustrated that I will quit too soon due to poor shooting arrows..please advise lol...
  16. tugrivercopper

    Recommend some hunting podcasts

    So i just figured out there are apps for your phone that let me download podcasts to listen to when i please offline lol (yeah i know jokes will follow) anyway what are some good hunting podcasts for me to tune into, of course i already subscribed to Avery Adventures and Randy Newberg's
  17. tugrivercopper

    Kryptek on Camofire

    some pretty good deals/steals on Kryptek on right now,if you can find some in your size, or are a midget/little person
  18. tugrivercopper

    Would this be a good softshell jacket for backcountry hunting?

    Men's Tantrum II Hooded Jacket - cheddar/ember | Outdoor Research Would this be a good lightweight softshell jacket for backcountry hunting or would i be better off spending extra on a Kryptek/firstlight/kuiu/(insert hunting clothes manufacturer here) softshell jacket?
  19. tugrivercopper

    Camo Tape for Tripod

    What is a good Camo tape i can put on my tripod for hunting, to deaden down sound and glare? preferable one that i can put on and take off that won't leave a residue etc. as I use the tripod on occasion to do photography as well
  20. tugrivercopper

    Brother moving to St. Louis.........

    Found out last week my little brother is moving to St louis, this opens up free housing, and easy logistics for me to get out that way and have new adventures.Tell me about the hunting/fishing opportunities around that area that i might look into?