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  1. 270quest

    Powder source in Boise

    I would gladly take that 2 pounds off your hands...any chance you will be in the valley or even Mnt Home anytime soon? I have a good bud in Mt Home that could meet up with you.
  2. 270quest

    WTB H1000 Powder

    Anyone in the Boise Area (I'm in Nampa) have any H1000 they would be willing to part with at a reasonable price? My 6.5 PRC would be tremendously grateful. I would ideally like to pick up 3-4 pounds - but would be just as happy with 1 pound. Adam
  3. 270quest

    Powder source in Boise

    Im loading for the 6.5 PRC - About to put out a WTB...I am absolutely out...I would love at least 2-3 pounds but would be super happy with even 1 pound right now.
  4. 270quest

    Powder source in Boise

    Wish it was H1000
  5. 270quest

    Mule Deer Bucks Down...and a wolf

    We have been very fortunate to kill some good bucks the last few years...I know were they live, I’m sure I’ll find another or two... 😉(side note, the snow buck was my sons first ever deer last year and watching him smoke it was the crown jewel of my hunting career so far)
  6. 270quest

    6.5 PRC?

    I plan to use my 6.5 prc and 139 scenars if and when I draw Idaho moose.
  7. 270quest

    How much does you rifle weigh?

    9 pounds 2 oz. as pictured..
  8. 270quest

    New LRTS on the Seekins 6.5 PRC

    Number one job of a scope is to steer bullets - I have faith this one will do that quite well....
  9. 270quest

    New LRTS on the Seekins 6.5 PRC

    LRTS replaced a 3-10x NF SHV, as I wanted something with exposed turrets and FFP....Will put it through the paces this weekend, but right off the bat initial thoughts are its a hell of a lot of scope for the 1k price range - its an absolute steal at the $599 cameraland is selling these things...
  10. 270quest

    WTS NF SHV 3-10X42 moar - $625 shipped

    I just purchased a LRTS 3-12x from Doug and wanted to compare these two scopes....Just told my wife and she isn't having it (Tax bill coming up) so I'm selling the NF. Been my main hunting scope for last couple years. Has been used but overall in good clean shape. Glass is clean - no major ring...
  11. 270quest

    Idaho Grizzlies?

    I have hunted units 21 and southern 17 north of Shoup to the Montana border for 20 2006/07 time frame I was way in deep and cut tracks in a muddy creek bottom from a griz....was really eerie that day - just felt like I was being watched...however I havent seen a track since and all...
  12. 270quest

    6.5 PRC - state of the union in early 2020?

    I hunt with a Seekins Havak 6.5 PRC with NF 3-10X42 scope...139 scenars at 3050 FPS(Goin to play with some loads this spring to see if I can add 50-75 FPS)....Absolutely hammers stuff. Haven't had a chance to shoot an elk yet with it - but have no concerns or doubts it will do the job just fine...
  13. 270quest

    Youth App Question - Wyoming

  14. 270quest

    Youth App Question - Wyoming

    My son will be 12in May...Has has his Idaho lisc for a couple years now...I want to put me and him in together for cow elk tags in wyoming(I have enough points to guarantee a draw for both of us) does Wyoming allow a 11year old to apply if he turns 12 before the actual hunt? I have to put us in...
  15. 270quest

    WTS Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 $225 TYD

    Please text pics to 2087896636 if still available. Adam
  16. 270quest

    Fat Guy Weekly Weigh In.

    Joining this as the last year I have ballooned up...a year ago at this time was about 215 and now I’m way above that...Goal is 205 by August 1st 2020. Age:34 Thanks: 5’11” 12/20 - 252#
  17. 270quest

    Mule Deer Bucks Down...and a wolf

    139 scenar is the best, most reliable, accuracte killing bullet I have ever played with...It did awesome the last couple years at 2800 FPS out of the creed - it does even mo better at 3050 out of the PRC.
  18. 270quest

    2019 Best Buck Mule Deer Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kryptek

    2019 Idaho General Tag National Forest...13 year olds first deer...