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    Old Kifaru belt, upgrade?

    I’ve got an old Duplex belt I’ve had for several years and the pulls have always been a challenge. They don’t grab and often twist. Can just the pulls be upgraded? Or do I need a whole new belt? Or is there any bonafide reason to upgrade to a new belt? Any improvements over the version I have?
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    New Vortex HD LH?

    I want that scope too! And actually, this news of Vortx going the other direction with a 30 mill tube saddens me.
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    New Vortex HD LH?

    30 mill tube and lighter than the 1 inch tube previous models? How?
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    What rangefinder pouch?

    Yes, I am a Bowhunter. So noisy fabric is a big deal. Especially on cold whitetail stands. I’m not a tinkerer. Imo, shit should work right without tinkering. This would be an easy problem to fix tho and make perfect. Marsupial has the best attachment system and lid, but noisy cordura. OPW...
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    What rangefinder pouch?

    Ok so I have either owned, fondled, tried or examined all of these and find flaws in each one. My biggest complaints are noisy material, poor fit, sloppy and floppy attachment system, lids opening the wrong way, and sides that don’t allow for a quick and easy one hand grab out of the pouch...
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    Sold Howa 1500 .308 manners stock

    What’s it weigh? I’m not familiar with Howa’s varmint profile barrel. Can you compare it to a traditional contour #? Or provide length and muzzle end diameter?
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    WTS Sako A7 Stainless 30-06 bedded into McMillan EDGE Classic by GA Precision

    Still available? No response to my PM.
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    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    .223 6.5 prc (or 6.5 creed, .270, 6.5x55, .260, 7-08) .338 wm. Or Rum. do everything in NA with this quiver.
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    WTS Savage 99F featherweight, in 300 Sav

    Ahhh, I dunno if I wanna sell it that bad. It would have to be someone who knows what this is and is looking for this specific gun, and willing to pay what it’s worth.
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    Camou Brothers / Mexico

    Is that Jorge Camou? Not sure if he is still directly outfitting on his own as I think he functions more an an intermediary connecting US outfitters with ranches, but he is honest and a good man.
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    WTS Savage 99F featherweight, in 300 Sav

    I’ve got a 99 brush gun in .358 thats in excellent condition I’d consider selling. PM me if interested. These are pretty rare collector items that are still relevant and huntable today.
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    100 Yard or 200 Yard Zero for Dialers I’m Hunting Rigs

    Actually with most standard centerfire hunting rifles like a 308, 270, 3006 in the like, 50 yards and 200 yards are going to both be pretty close to zero. Check a trajectory chart.
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    100 Yard or 200 Yard Zero for Dialers I’m Hunting Rigs

    Right. Which is why you zero at 200. So you have a point and shoot hold for anything inside of 300 yards, where the vast majority of shots occur.
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    Model 70 Value

    Steal! Nice find.
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    Bench rests?

    I need a new height adjustable front rest and a rabbit ear squeeze bag for the rear. Have a cheapo Caldwell front jobber and it’s not real stable. What do y’all like best?
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    Model 70 Value

    Classic or push feed?
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    WTB .410 shotgun

    That thing is just plain cool!
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    Help understanding what PRC and Rum mean???

    True, but shooting at an elk at 900 yrs is an even piss poorer choice!
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    300win to 300prc using existing barrel.

    Everyone thinks that, but nope, San Diego!