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  1. oldhorse

    WTB Ranger Green AMR

    Let me know if you have a RG AMR you are willing to sell . Thanks
  2. oldhorse

    WTB XTL lid

    Looking for Kifaru XTL lids. PM me if you have one you are willing to sell.
  3. oldhorse

    Sold Kifaru Gen 1 22Mag: price drop

    Ranger Green Woodsman $175.00 Ranger Green Gen 1 22MAG $200.00 PayPal +3%, shipped CONUS Photos upon request
  4. oldhorse


    Bikini frame, black, 24 inch, regular back profile, small, double row pals belt , $200.00 CONUS. Photos upon request
  5. oldhorse

    WTS Ranger Green Tarryall

    Very good condition, regular back, composite stays, medium padded EDC belt. $450.00, add 3% for PayPal fees, CONUS. Photos upon request
  6. oldhorse

    WTS Kifaru gear

    All items SOLD
  7. oldhorse

    Fat plastic K-clips

    So, I just set up my Sherman Pocket on my 22Mag as a compression panel. Looks like like it's going to work well, but I now officially dislike the fat plastic K-clips that it came with! They are too bulky, much harder to work with than the original K-clips. I switched out for the old ones...
  8. oldhorse

    Kifaru door gunner

    Has anyone received one of theses yet?
  9. oldhorse

    Kifaru gear FS

    1. Apollo, wolf gray - $130.00 SOLD 2. Cargo panel, highlander - $130.00 SOLD 3. Lock and load # 11, highlander x 2, $30.00 each SOLD All prices TYD CONUS, will negotiate shipping beyond that
  10. oldhorse

    FS: Multicam Xing

    Excellent condition MC Xing, composite regular stays, bottom grommetts, medium padded pals belt, 500D organizer, two medium and one large belt pouch, two large modified top sip side pockets(dock and lock compression straps removed, will mount with malice clips only). Everthing for $500.00...
  11. oldhorse

    Fs: Kifaru items

    #2; G2 AG1, Foliage. SOLD #3; Omni waistbelt, medium, Highlander pattern. $45.00 TYD CONUS. Photos upon request
  12. oldhorse

    Fs: Kifaru items

    Fs: Kifaru items Moved to classifieds
  13. oldhorse

    Fs: Mr 3dap

    Excellent condition coyote brown, medium yoke and belt, been on a few day hikes, then riding in my truck as a get home bag. $225.00 TYD CONUS. Photos upon request.
  14. oldhorse

    FS:Kifaru Xing

    Mandrake Xing, small padded omni belt, regular composite stays, malice clip organizer pocket, gps pouch. Great condition. $375.00 TYD CONUS If the small belt is an issue, I have a padded medium omni belt in Highlander that I can trade out
  15. oldhorse

    FS; Eberlestock J107M

    UnicamII pattern, used on a few training hikes, never packed meat or animals, excellent condition. $250.00 TYD US lower 48
  16. oldhorse

    EXO mountain gear 3500

    WTS 2015 MC 3500, 3 mesh insert pockets, one belt pocket, one load shelf. Has been used multiple times on training hikes with 30-80 lbs of gear and bags of wood pellets in load shelf. Has not packed an animal or meat. In excellent condition,$ 500.00 shipped.
  17. oldhorse

    FS; Kifaru xray, highlander

    Veteran of multiple day hikes and a couple of overnights. No rips, stains or tears. $150.00
  18. oldhorse

    New Kifaru hunting platform vs G2 duplex

    This question goes out to all you guys who are using the new hunting platform in the field. How do they compare to the G2 duplex for comfort and overall performance? Any firsthand experience would be greatly appreciated.
  19. oldhorse

    crooked horn trailblazer II

    Does anyone have any firsthand experience with one of these packs?
  20. oldhorse

    WTS highlander Mountain Rambler

    Gently used mountain rambler, highlander pattern, no lid. will provide pics if interested