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  1. 270quest

    WTB H1000 Powder

    Anyone in the Boise Area (I'm in Nampa) have any H1000 they would be willing to part with at a reasonable price? My 6.5 PRC would be tremendously grateful. I would ideally like to pick up 3-4 pounds - but would be just as happy with 1 pound. Adam
  2. 270quest

    New LRTS on the Seekins 6.5 PRC

    LRTS replaced a 3-10x NF SHV, as I wanted something with exposed turrets and FFP....Will put it through the paces this weekend, but right off the bat initial thoughts are its a hell of a lot of scope for the 1k price range - its an absolute steal at the $599 cameraland is selling these things...
  3. 270quest

    WTS NF SHV 3-10X42 moar - $625 shipped

    I just purchased a LRTS 3-12x from Doug and wanted to compare these two scopes....Just told my wife and she isn't having it (Tax bill coming up) so I'm selling the NF. Been my main hunting scope for last couple years. Has been used but overall in good clean shape. Glass is clean - no major ring...
  4. 270quest

    Youth App Question - Wyoming

    My son will be 12in May...Has has his Idaho lisc for a couple years now...I want to put me and him in together for cow elk tags in wyoming(I have enough points to guarantee a draw for both of us) does Wyoming allow a 11year old to apply if he turns 12 before the actual hunt? I have to put us in...
  5. 270quest

    Mule Deer Bucks Down...and a wolf

    It was another good year here in Idaho. I spent all my summer scouting for my Antelope super tag, so no scouting time was spent in our deer/elk area. Truth be told, I have hunted this area for 20 years - I know were the big bucks usually are and how to hunt it so I wasn't worried too much. My...
  6. 270quest

    Idaho Super Tag Goat Down

    After all summer of scouting, the time finally came to punch my Idaho Antelope Supertag. I had picked this goat out as my shooter this past weekend, and put it all together yesterday and put him down. I spent over 25 days scouting this summer looking over hundreds of bucks. The supertag is a...
  7. 270quest

    WTS CA Ridgeline 270 win

    This morning I was presented an opportunity I can't pass up in regards purchasing a cancelation hunt, so I am needing to find a way to fund it. For Sale is a CA Ridgeline 270 Win. I just shot it a couple days ago and there is a thread on it in the Rifles Forums. Found a solid sub MOA load at...
  8. 270quest

    WTS Swarovski EL 10X42 Binos

    These are circa 2006/2007 models EL's. Just sent in to swaro and they replaced the eye pieces, fully rebuilt like new, and cleaned everything up. Comes with soft swaro case. $1200 TYD. Message me for pics - I will try to get some up this afternoon. Adam 208-789-6636
  9. 270quest

    WTS Tikka T3X 6.5 creed/SWFA SS 6X Package

    Stainless T3X lite. Has been sponge GAP painted. Also has vertical grip insert. Warne steel pic base, SWFA Low rings and SWFA SS 6X Mil Quad. Will put 5 139 scenars in the .75" range. Has approx. 80-90 rounds down it. Also has an extra 5 round mag. Few light handling marks but overall in great...
  10. 270quest

    Idaho Unit 76 Antelope

    Posted this on another site, but Rokslide seems to have some pretty knowledgeable guys... The supertag search has been fun so far - have spent a total of around 20 days scouting 38,39,46,45 and found some good ones. However, I noticed a very limited (5 tags) hunt in 76 down by Idaho, Utah...
  11. 270quest

    My new Bino/Rangefinder Setup

    I decided to move away from the Dual unit and go another direction as far as using a binocular and a separate rangefinder unit. Was able to sell my Nikon Lazerforces. I was looking at the 800-1k area of binoculars were there are tons of good options. Long story short, held out, did some...
  12. 270quest

    Best Binocular Harness

    I am moving away from a dual binocular/rf unit and going to traditional 10x42s and a Handheld RF. Want chest harness are you guys using an like the most? I want to be able to carry the rf next to the binocs for quick easy access.
  13. 270quest

    Zeiss, Vortex, GPO, Nikon HG

    If you needed a new set of 10x42's and you had the ability to get binoculars cheaper than retail (ebay, demos, ect) likely in the $8-900...What would you choose? Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 Vortex Razor HD 10X42 GPO Passion HD 10X42 Nikon Monarch HG 10X42 Something Else?
  14. 270quest

    WTS FS or Trade - Nikon Lazerforce 10x42 RF binos

    Bought these in the spring and they are like new - been out to the range a few times. Lenses clean, no nics or damage. Have gotten readings out to 1600 yards under perfect conditions. Very good glass and built like a tank. Has box and all original paperwork. I am looking to go back to the...
  15. 270quest

    WTS Bell and Carlson Mountain Stock - 700 SA ADL

    Black with Red Webbing. Includes a new ADL aluminum Trigger Guard. Stock has been cut down to 13" with Pachmayer pad. This came off of my 11 year old sons rifle. Would make a great option for a smaller framed shooter. $150 to your door.
  16. 270quest

    WTS Tikka t3x Super Lite 7 rem mag

    Has 42 rounds down it. Did the sponge Gap camo treatment. Has a few handling marks and the Paint isn't professional quality but other than that a dang nice rifle. Also added the Limbsaver Pad and vertical grip insert. Will include a set of Hornady dies. $575 to your FFL or Face to face in Boise...
  17. 270quest

    Athlon 15x binos

    For those that know or have looked at them - do they allow for a limited Interpulperty distance? The swaros and zeiss conquest wont close enough to fit my eyes. The cabelas euro just barely made it - but then there was no room for a threaded tripod adaptor. Curious about these Athlons?
  18. 270quest

    Super Tag Units

    Alright, now I have the tag - time for some intel research. I have my hotspots in mind (39, 46, 54) as I have hunted these before for other species as well as having access to properties in these units. I actually went out and looked around 46 some more yesterday and found some younger bucks -...
  19. 270quest

    Idaho Super Tag Drawn!

    So excited! So many good units to look at - 38,39,46,55....Can’t wait to start scouting!!!
  20. 270quest

    My new 270 Killing Stick

    I previously owned a CA Ridgeline and foolishly got rid of it and have been wanting a new one for a while. Was looking for a 280 ai or a 6.5 PRC, but when the opportunity came along from a fellow Rokslide member on this 270 - I jumped on it! Topped it with a proven SHV 3-10X42 from another...