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    WTT Retumbo for RL26

    I won't step on toes here, if you guys can strike a deal but are you in MT, 3pointer?
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    Trekking pole extension for cimmaron

    I have a handful of the LBO pieces and I cut a section of an orphan ski pole for an extension. I can get a measure and a picture if you want but your shelter would have a different optimal height. I have used this with a number of different brand trekking poles and never had any issues...
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    Bottom of Feet

    And look for an insole or footbed with a "grippy" or "sharkskin" kind of texture to keep your feet from sliding around. Between a little extra moisture and a stock insole, I once blistered the bottoms of my feet badly. They felt like they were on fire on a long hike out, mostly downhill...
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    My gal, making 450 yards look like a chip shot.

    Badass video and a great shot! Stoned him.
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    7.6 lb Sako/Meopta Combo.

    The T3x superlite has the 24.3 inch barrel and while it can get some pretty impressive velocities for the Creedmoor, I'd actually prefer your 20 incher! I have another 20 inch Tikka in 6.5 that shoots the 140 class bullets at a very decent speed. It's funny that Sako puts some lengths on the...
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    7.6 lb Sako/Meopta Combo.

    That's the clean-cut twin to my 7.7 lb 6.5CM T3x in a Southfort Labs stock with a Nightforce in Hawkins hybrid rings!! Good looking rifle. Is that the rifle you threatened to rebarrel?
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    Talk me out of a Chassis (CA MPR)

    I'm still battling the chassis urge - do the factory magazines with MPR in 6.5 PRC allow for longer COAL or they standard short action AICS? I know they use a short action receiver... Also, did you happen to weigh yours - curious how it compares to CA's listed specs. Thanks
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    Chassis for tikka T3

    Any more to say about a long action Tikka chassis inlet? Thanks.
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Your last sentence is the basis of my post. I've seen plenty of people spend money they don't have - that's not my worry.
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    100 Yard or 200 Yard Zero for Dialers I’m Hunting Rigs

    I'd rather not know hit % on those shots 🙄 I'd be more curious to see how often that guess chart data is actually validated at distance. Man, you'd have to hold your mouth just right when temp, DA, and a 25 yard increment all come together.
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Thanks Robby. Hopefully the plan tracks as intended. I gotta say though, if you were on a vacation and rented a corvette it would take serious self control to not 'stretch it's legs'.
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Optics, tripods, camp gear, packs, etc is great! That's a neat service that I know will get used and be appreciated. Long range custom rifles - not so much. If you have a chance, could you please visit with Darin and ask how or if they are going to qualify renters. I don't see anything good...
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    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    I think that Sitka would want to get their hands on a piece that was in this condition so quickly. With allegedly no foul play. If for nothing more than to assure there isn't a design flaw or a bad lot of material getting into customer's hands. Look how Exo is handling their frame material...
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    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    Giving the OP benefit of the doubt here, I suppose. There's always 2 sides. Sitka's lightest gear does feel fragile to me. This would be like buying a pair of Scarpas and having the rand peel in 2 weeks. Maybe you were negligent but hopefully scarpa wouldn't blame it on your YaakTrax when...
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    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    Nonsense. Sitka should be taking care of this, fixing the issue in that particular line, and finding a better material for their future products. Not making excuses. I have a ten-ish year old Cabelas space rain pullover that is probably lighter in weight and far more durable.
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    100 Yard or 200 Yard Zero for Dialers I’m Hunting Rigs

    100. Least amount of influence of all the other factors that have to be accounted for when it's time to dial.
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    New Pack for Less Weight Obsessed Hunter

    I've gone from the very modular, lots of pockets and organization (and heavier) to the single big bag lightweight to modified DIY frankenpacks that were even lighter (no organization) and now circled back to appreciating convenience and organization regardless of the included weight penalty...