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    Old Kifaru belt, upgrade?

    I’ve got an old Duplex belt I’ve had for several years and the pulls have always been a challenge. They don’t grab and often twist. Can just the pulls be upgraded? Or do I need a whole new belt? Or is there any bonafide reason to upgrade to a new belt? Any improvements over the version I have?
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    What rangefinder pouch?

    Ok so I have either owned, fondled, tried or examined all of these and find flaws in each one. My biggest complaints are noisy material, poor fit, sloppy and floppy attachment system, lids opening the wrong way, and sides that don’t allow for a quick and easy one hand grab out of the pouch...
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    Bench rests?

    I need a new height adjustable front rest and a rabbit ear squeeze bag for the rear. Have a cheapo Caldwell front jobber and it’s not real stable. What do y’all like best?
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    WTS OR Croc gaiters

    Size large. Ochre/black color. Used once in clean snow. Good as new. $75 tyd
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    WTS Kuiu Pro Bino Harness size XL

    Barely used. Got new binos and they no longer fit this harness. Ash color. $80 TYD
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    Need quiet and large(r) rangefinder pouch

    I have a Leica 2400CRF. I’ve tried several pouches and am still looking. I’m a Bowhunter so above all else the pouch needs to be quiet and allow easy in and out without excess movement. Any recommendations? I’ve tried: Kuiu- too small and tight FHF - too noisy and a bit snug Marsupial -...
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    Leica crf 2400, what pouch?

    To be mounted on a Kuiu Pro harness. I tried a Kuiu pouch but it’s too small and fits too snug. Worst of all the elastic sits right on the button and triggers it. I’m a Bowhunter so I want one that is quiet and offers easy in/out without excess movement. Suggestions? Anyone have this same...
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    Flush cups on left side of stock?

    I just got a new semi custom rifle and unbeknownst to me at purchase, it’s got flush cups on the left side of the stock. I can’t say I’m a fan, at least not of the aesthetics. But maybe I can be convinced of the function. What’s the advantage? I hunt with a backpack on 90% of the time so it...
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    “Charged” movie, Eduardo Garcia

    Watched this last night. Entertaining if you just take it at face value. But it sure left me with a lot of questions. Someone here has to know the rest of the story... How the hell was there live and exposed power lines in the middle of the Montana backcountry? Or why was the site there...
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    WTB Rem 870 youth 20 ga

    Got one?
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    WTB Outdoorsmans tall tripod

    Anybody got one to unload?
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    GPO riflescopes

    The specs on the Passion 3X are exactly what I’m looking for! The low cost makes me question the durability and the fact that it’s a new company makes me question the long term viability of the warranty, but at this price I may just take the risk. Anybody have any real experience with GPO?
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    WTS Leica Geovid HDR type 403

    10x42. With Kuiu Harness. $1500 shipped lower 48. Work perfectly. In great shape. pm phone number and will text pics. this is the model:
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    WTS Leica Geovid HDB

    With Kuiu harness. Work perfectly. In great shape. Pm phone number and will text pics. UPDATE: actually upon further research, these are the HDR type 403. closing thread will open new one
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    My ideal riflescope... is it out there?

    Cost is not an issue. Does someone know of a scope that has: 1” tube 40-44 mm objective 3 or 4 to 12-14x max magnification 16-17 oz max 14” long max Second focal plane Quality glass with simple duplex reticle Reliable RTZ and tracking, limited dialing to maybe 500-600 at most. The Meopta...
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    Vortex Razor HD LH

    Never been a Vortex fan really, so I really haven’t even considered them, but the specs on this model are just about exactly what I’m looking for. I want a light 1” scope that is no bigger than 44mm. How’s the reliability, tracking and RTZ on this thing? Any issues?
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    Swaro EL Range question

    Last I looked, the EL Range did not do angle compensation less than 33 yards. I’m a Bowhunter so this was a deal breaker for me. Is this still the case with the newer versions of the EL Range? I looked all though specs and reviews online and could t find the answer to that question.
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    WTS Slik 634 CF pro tripod

    Brand new and unused. $225 shipped.
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    WTT Slik 634 CF Pro trade for 624

    I have a brand new and perfect condition Slik 634 CF pro I’d like to trade for a 624 CF pro in same condition. Anyone?
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    WTS Nikon D7000 camera body

    Super low shutter count. Barely used. Original box. $200